Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sunny day smiles

Today was just awful, like nothing went right. Sigh. But thats not the point of this, I'm posting about yesterday since it kicked ass!

It was a lovely sunny day, started frosty but got warmish by lunchtime. Of course I was loving it and wanted to drag out my summer clothes, but had to settle for a flowery blouse and wedges with the usual tights and cardi - didn't want to be too optimistic and freeze!
Cardi - car boot £3
Top - charity shop £2
Trousers - charity shop 10p table
Wedges - charity shop £4.99
A few years ago I was eyeing up this blouse in H&M but couldn't really afford new clothes, then spotted it in charity shop 2 weeks later, bonus!
Wore my latest 10p find - mens trousers that, when taken down, are almost long enough, yay!

Here's a couple of recent bargains that I only rediscovered after doing a white wash - there's only me at home and I hardly ever wear light coloured clothes so a little pile gathers in bottom of basket until I can justify sticking them in the machine!
Warehouse blouse for £1 (do ignore the black bra straps...)
Vintage M&S blouse also £1, can't wait to wear this with my 50s shorts and wedges on the 1 day of summer we'll likely get...



  1. That Warehouse blouse fits you beautifully as do the men's trousers. I know what you mean about the white wash, it festers in the bottom of my laundry basket for ages, too. xxx

  2. Beautiful Warehouse cami, I used to have a similar one from Laura Ashley (via charity shop) when I was a teenager. I used to wear it with a long hippy skirt and pretend I was Star from The Lost Boys! Aah, happy days...

  3. Pretty impressionist H&M blouse! Ah it was gorgeous here yesterday too but today has reverted to grey drizzle. Alas and alack! xx

  4. Whoa you are working those highwaisted pants. Props to you for making those work for your figure instead of against it! Those can be unflattering on the wrong frame :)

    Bea from A plus B

  5. The stripy blouse is gorgeous! Mind you, the floral one isn't bad either. You're brave though - it's been gorgeous weather here recently but nowhere near warm enough to even think about sandals!


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