Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Went shopping...oops!

Well here's some pics of my outfit from today - took me forever to get them cause the DSLR just wouldn't focus so had to go back to the standard digi camera, aah! Went shopping with Mother before starting work at 4pm - she may have bought me some goodies, scroll down for more info!
Coat - Long Tall Sally £90 (most I've ever spent on one item of clothing!)
Shirt - M&S £16ish few years ago
Belt - H&M many years ago
Skirt - charity shop 10p
Socks - H&M
Boots - New Look £15
Some close ups - love this belt

So Mother came up to visit and find a pressie for my uncle's 5oth later this month, but we got slightly side-tracked by the M&S sale (got more undies!) and some H&M gift cards my mum got for Xmas. She never shops in there so I dragged her in for a nosy and she managed to find some cardi's, plus she got me some amazing sandals...
Love them! Mother said they were too bright (they also came in black and tan) but I fancied a change and ignored her. Then i tried them on with some summery clothes at home and they are pretty bright! Comfy tho, which helps. Now I gotta stop buying sandals!
Also found this cute vintage cardi on the £1 rail in one of my fave charity shops - I don't usually do pastels but was feeling Spring-y today. Possibly because temperatures here have plummeted again and I had to wear my coat, faff.



  1. That coat was worth every penny, it will last for years and it's such a wonderful colour. I love that A Line skirt on you and I'm glad you didn't go for the sensible option in the sandals. xxx

  2. Love the cardi and a skirt for 10p!! Thats incredible. Its worth paying more for a coat that you will wear season after season - its a great investment and it is a beautiful coat. Scarlett x

  3. Cute! Love the boots and the pink sandals. Makes me wish shopping in the UK. And I think things like coats are worth investing in – especially when you find such a nice one :)

  4. Yay, so fun buying new things. And I adore your outfit, so fabulously styled, loving your booties + socks, and that lovely belt -just gorg. xx veronika

  5. Always go for the bright option when it comes to shoes! Those sandals are gorgeous - they'd be pretty in tan but the impact of the hot pink is so much better.

    Love the cardi too :)

  6. very much like the colour of those sandals!!:)

  7. My faves here are the gorgeous red coat and the cute ankle socks! xx

  8. You always find such cute charity shop bargains :)

  9. love your look, the cute shirt and boots, and a skirt for 10p? Amazing! Now following you. Take a look at my blog if you can :)

  10. Hi there, I'm so happy you popped over to my blog:))). First of all, I love that you're still wearing stuff you shopped years ago - I hoard stuff for years, sometimes without even wearing it until I find a way. I adore the coat and the ruffle blouse and skirt are delish!!! The skirt really suits your lovely figure:). I have a similar belt and I was just thinking about pulling it out to wear again - your's is lovely:)))). I'm following! x

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