Wednesday, 16 March 2011


...this is what I wore;
Cardi - H&M, rather old
Shirt - Topman £10ish
Blouse - Topshop, years ago
Jeans - Target $8ish
Boots - Converse $65

I seem to love these boots a little too much! Found this duck ring in Matalan sale the other day for £1.75 so had to have it, despite that I once again managed to buy a too big version, faff. Feel like my boobs look annoyingly big in the first pic! Shall blame the camera... :P It decided to snow buckets here yesterday and I couldn't face a whole day in my flat with my unemployed neighbours banging about and yelling at each other so headed to Mother's for some free t'internet and Sky+, gotta love a trip back home!



  1. How I envy your lucuiously long legs and the ability to rock rolled up jeans and boots.
    Snow, dodgy neighbours? Never mind, New York soon, you lucky thing! xxx

  2. The boots are amazing! Eek for snow, so glad we havent got it back down south. Scarlett x

  3. love that duck ring. & how can boobs ever look too big? I've only ever wanted mine to get bigger!

  4. That ring is too cute. And I'm with Sophie on the boobs thing - how can they look too big?!

  5. that duck ring is incredible! and I agree with what the ladies said about wanting your boobs to get bigger, but I guess I understand that they can get in the way. I mean, my don't, cause they're quite modest, but I could imagine it.

    lovely blog! :D

  6. Great brooch! I just had to google brooch, it looks weird like this :S But very cute anyway

  7. Radical Boots!

    xoxo mama wolf.

  8. i love that little duck ring - so adorable!

  9. The boots are great, and i saw that little duck ring in matalan a while back, and then found it had gone by the time i went back in! I love the outfit! :)

  10. not that keen on gold jewellary but that duck ring is very cute - i would have got that if i'd seen it too x


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