Friday, 29 April 2011

Another award! And today's general news

Today I have another blog award from the awesome Sophie, thanks! I've to name some blogs I think are lovely, so here's a wee list...

There are so many more I love but I've been trying to cut back on my internet time so haven't been reading as much lately!

So, today's thoughts...

The Big Deal of the Day was of course the Royal Wedding. How beautiful was Kate Middleton?! Like even more than usual. Totally not what I expected her to be wearing, but she was very elegant and Grace Kelly-like. I got up at 8am to start watching and kept going til 2pm, when I realised I needed food shopping and a shower...

Speaking of food shopping, the bargains to be found in Tesco were outstanding! Most of what I got was reduced stuff, not sure if they were reducing early cause of the bank holiday today but half the shelves were empty and of what was left in fresh food, about half was marked down - my kinda place!

My fave bread and 2 packs of rolls for freezer at work - 38p for 12!

Got a pack of cheap cut up veg for 38p so made some minimal effort soup when I got home - think it must have cost about 60p for whole pot!

Can't resist new flavours of Pringles, damn! (there may not be many of these left...) Or biscuits, but I was pretty good otherwise!

The Ultimate Spring Clean continues! Only got the living room to do now, altho that involves going thru the book and DVD shelves, second in faffability (an Elise word) only to the bedroom. But I'm pleased to announce that there's now a reasonable amount of space on my clothing rail, yay me!

The 'swinging' clothes rail (well, almost!)

My t-shirt-and-shorts box now newly organised!

My handbags - actually didn't have a lot to start with, I'm not a big bag person, I prefer a few lovely ones that I can rotate - the black and gold one and the tan one were my gran's, so I totally love them.

I'm on a bit of a money saving drive this month - basically I just realised that I didn't actually NEED to spent all/most of my wages every month on buying clothes/sweets/jewellery that I never wear, so from this payday (a week ago) to my next (23rd May) I'm only buying essentials - this being food, travel and any toiletries I need, which is none at the mo! Wish me luck! Altho its been relatively easy so far, maybe cause I've been working more so don't have time for shopping, a good tactic I think!



  1. Congrats on the award, remember which lapel to wear it on ;-) (Becks got his medal protocol wrong apparently)

    If you don't want to shop can I recommend two kids, followed by a nosedive in self esteem and perceived attractiveness? Works for me.

  2. Good luck with it! Allow yourself a little treat though - I find I go a bit nuts when I stop myself from spending and start desperately craving random stuff.

    Excellent yellow stickered bargains too! I think a good half of my freezer is full of stuff bought that way.

  3. Better not show my hubby this post as he is a yellow sticker Tesco fiend - he cant resist buying anything with the reduced sticker on and we've had some real random stuff in the past! Good luck with the no spending - i couldnt do it - totally addicted to buying stuff I dont need :o) Scarlett x

  4. Haha, I bought three tubes of new flavour Pringles in Tesco yesterday, not tried them yet though - once I pop and all that!!

    Best of luck with your spending ban, I'm off to snoop at your ebay!

    Nice pan too BTW! x

  5. We used to be reduced sticker vultures. Got most of meat that way. Those were the days. I admire your spring cleaning. I need to cut down on my daft spending. I buy lots of stuff I never use, its such a waste.

  6. I do love a yellow sticker!
    Good luck with your endeavours. xxx


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