Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Being patriotic (kinda...)

Decided to wear this cute summer dress (eh...vintage nightdress...was too pretty not to take out!) for going out to dinner last night. When I put it on I realised the colours in it were red, white and blue, so I thought I'd go all out and pair it with this H&M cardi from my New York trip. Annoyingly it just looked too casual - altho I think it matched up pretty well so may be a future outfit! Was quite pleased with my hair too - this time I half blow dried it and then put rags in with setting lotion for a few hours. Mind you, it came out perfect but the wind ensured it didn't stay that way, faff!
Cardi - Topshop many years ago
'Dress' - Charity Shop £1
Shoes - H&M £25 (gift!)
Was a bit annoyed these shoes got so scuffed the first time I wore them, so trying to be more careful now (maybe should't have driven in them then...d'oh)
Managed to get to my jewellery box in the Ultimate Spring Clean and rediscovered this ladybug necklace I got last summer - love when this happens!

We ended up having drinks at Sean's folks house before dinner - we nabbed the hammock chair before his sister and her hubbie turned up, as a kid I desperately wanted one of these so was quite happy rocking away with a Bud in my hand and the sun on my cheeks! For dinner we went to Gamba - Sean and I are not big seafood eaters but it turned out to be lovely - the chocoalte and nutella tart helped a bit tho!

Back to work today, ugh. Had to get train into town before 7:30am, was slightly torturous, I am NOT a morning person! Still in my casualwear - like to put off changing into my horrendous work clothes for as long as poss! (our handyman bought me a muffin, and I don't put down chocolate to take pics, hence the prop...)
Vintage coat - Charity Shop £8
Vest - M&S sale £3
Jeans - Target $8
Shoes - F&F via eBay £3ish...
I've kinda been wearing these outfit components a lot lately - but have you ever noticed when you stop wearing shoes with tights in the better weather they start rubbing/hurting your feet? Grr...
I've been back at the eBaying after the spare room got cleared so should have more goodies to share later!



  1. Cute post! I always like your outfits. That necklace is very sweet, and I love the dress in the top pic. Definately too pretty to wear in bed. Hope the suns out where you are! xxx

  2. Yes! I have so much trouble with footwear in summer :( Flip flops are alright for casual wandering but you're so much more likely to stub a toe and your soles get filthy. And my sandals make my feet ache!
    And of course my calves are far too chunky for little socks to be cute...

  3. The print on that dress is adorable and I love the coat. I feel your shoe pain, in a way I'm usually relieved when autumn comes round and I can wear three pairs of socks again!

  4. I liked the first outfit but absolutely loved the jeans and coat combo.
    I go from boots to sandals, I find those ballet shoes absolute torture. xxx

  5. Loving both your looks. Blugh to scuffed shoes, has happened to me far too many times and yes it does make me want to cry! Scarlett x

  6. Love your coat, can't believe it was £8....bargain! I know what you mean with shoes I have few pairs I can wear comfortably through the summer, especially for work xxx

  7. Lovely outfits, but my fave has to be the one with the blue coat and red flats - totally gorgeous. That coat was an absolute bargain and it really suits you (modom!) - love those buttons too!

  8. lovely looks, your vintage nightdress is so pretty, love it! That blue coat is so great, its lovely

  9. Loving the rolled up jeans/red pumps look

  10. That nightdress is so pretty, love the red shoes too x

  11. I am loving those red shoes. They add a brilliant POP of color!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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