Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Holidays - Part 2...New York

New York photos! Ah, I just loved it there, only thing that spoiled it a bit was the freezing temperatures and the fact I couldn't be bothered taking a huge coat with me. Mistake learned from....

We stayed just round from the Chrysler building
Rockerfellar Centre was a huge highlight for me, being a rather large fan of 30 Rock
Here's the Lego version!
We did the NBC Experience tour, which was brief but we did get to see the SNL studio, exciting!
Times Square! We came here loads, was only 5 mins from the hotel and there was so much to look at!
On the first day we overdid the walking and ducked into a bar for beer in plastic cups and giant turkey burgers
Sean taught Red some bad habits...
The only reason I picked the US for hols was the food!
Yes, we had to go to a cinema, altho I didn't do my usual stunt of trying to blag my way into projection, heh. Looks like Sean was as impressed as me by the size of my 'small' juice...
Who knew the Statue of Liberty was actually a short ass? Most underwhelmed I've ever been (sorry America!)
LOVED the Converse shop, altho I resisted temptation!
My second fave sweets in the world
Barbie Louboutins!
Central park, so pretty
My absolute fave sweets in the whole world! Also not available in this country, so have to bribe anyone going abroad...
Sean's uncle took us out for dinner so I took it as an excuse to dress up!



  1. Great photos - makes me want to go back to New York and oh my Barbie Louboutins!!! lol. Scarlett x

  2. i adore your pictures, love the last one and the one with you holding the wonka sweets. Sounds like you had an awesome time. It looks like such a cool place to go. Wish I was heading there now!

  3. Wow so much to comment on. Looks and sounds like a fab trip. I'd be excited from a 30 rock point of view too. Lovin the barbie designer shoes. You look very pretty all dressed up for dinner.
    Not to sound like a stalker but I'm sure I saw you on a train to Cathcart recently? X

  4. all of your photos loook amazing, i hope that you had a wonderful holiday - i would so love to go to NY one day! My friedns had a wedding planned there next summer, but then sneakily went and got married there a couple of weeeks ago in secret instead, so so much for bewing a NY bridesmaid !! :)

  5. Ah wow! My friends and I are planning on going next October and I can't wait! You and Sean are so cute together :)

  6. I love the dress you wore to eat out :) Looks like you had an amazing time. The 'small' drink is hilarious!

  7. I so wanted to come over and say hi but I get stupid nervous, it's so silly! x

  8. so jealous new york is so amazing only been once but cant wait to go back! :) x

  9. I am so jealous of you know, I love London but would love to go to NY right now!

  10. Glad I didn't bother with the Staten Island ferry then! Oh, and I agree with you... it was completely freezing!

  11. Love the pics :D Especially the giant packet of Nerds - yum yum yum!!

    Who's your little sheepy friend, we have a sheep that travels with us too haha!

    Sal xXx

  12. Aww I enjoyed seeing your pictures! It looks like such a lovely time :)


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