Sunday, 10 April 2011

New £1 goodies!

As promised, here's some of the goodies I snagged from that lovely £1 rail on my Friday day trip!
I had originally planned to shorten this but not hating the length at the mo - I'm so stuck in a rut in that almost every dress/skirt I own is knee length, maybe its time for a change!
Didn't love this after trying it on at home, think it may be going the way of eBay soon...
I always fancied dressing smart for work and tottering around with heels and a Blackberry, if I take this dress in considerably I can at least pretend!
Couple of cute summer tops - the coral one is new M&S (how I love that store!) and the blue one is Matalan - they're so hit and miss these days, maybe about time I went back in...
Close up of the lovely detailing

Hope everyone's having a fun filled sunny weekend - I'm nearing the end of my 2nd 13 hour shift then it's 2 days off time, yay! Mind you, I've been looking at the weather reports and it looks like the only sunny days this week were...Saturday and Sunday! Faff. May have to turn my attentions to the sewing pile after all...



  1. Such pretty finds. They look lovely!

  2. what bargains! i love the third dress on you, you look ever so smart! xx

  3. Loving the £1 rail!! Everything looks amazing on you, the black dress is fabulous :o) Scarlett x

  4. Hey I tagged you for a Kreativ Blogger Award! If you would like to take part you just have to list ten blogs you like and ten facts about yourself. Love your blog :) And you are such a bargain queen!

  5. Love the print on that Matalan top :) You look v smart in your black dress, sometimes I get tarted up for work and totter about but ususally regret it by lunchtime when I just want to be comfortable! x

  6. Some great finds and for £1 each, whats not to love. I really like the first dress on you and the length at the moment is great. You look very smart in the black dress. x

  7. I love that leaf print dress and the black one - tres chic! £1 each - that's what I call bargain shopping!


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