Friday, 8 April 2011


So my lovely friend came round to visit the other day and changed a setting on my camera so I get even better picture quality. I was rather pleased to learn another new trick, until I went to copy some pictures to my laptop today and discovered I couldn't get into them. Grrr... Shall be calling him up for an explanation tomorrow! It ridiculous how little I can do on my laptop (as long as I can access net and my photos that's usually enough!) Anyway, a couple copied as normal files too so you can see a rather rubbishy pic of what I wore today...
Vintage cardi - Charity shop £1
Top - H&M via charity shop £2
Skirt - Charity shop 10p
Shoes - Topshop £28 few years ago

Mother and I decided to go a wee road trip this afternoon so we headed down the coast to Stranraer (where the ferries go...) for a wander. It was lovely and sunny and reasonably mild down there, altho I still had to wear a coat, darn! I had a bit of a sneaky check on net for charity shops before we left - Mother HATES them but she was ok about going into a couple when we got there (have discovered I can just steer her towards the books and she stops groaning for a bit :P). There was a couple of reasonably priced ones, and a £1 rail in one, which I immediately made a beeline for! Good thing I did, I managed to spend £10 on goodies, which I fought for - people just ain't as polite down there! I also picked up a bag of wool and a vintage slip in another store, hopefully I'll be able to get some pics of everything soon...
Here's a very bad pic of one of the £1 dresses - it's a DP one I was eyeing up ages ago, and I actually found it in another charity shop a few months back, but it was rather worn out so just left it. Good thing I did! This one is a size big but the tie back helps solve that problem!

On the way back we found a little thrift store joined to a nursing/care home - it was actually called a thrift store, got excited by the Americanism so Mother agreed to pull in. Wishing I'd got pics now, it was pretty much jam packed with everything, altho all I got was 3 more Babysitter Club books for my collection (yes, after about 10 years I've started collecting them again, damn nostalgia for terribly written tween books!)



  1. Oh dear, I'm always having issues with technology as well! That dress is fabulous and for £1!!! X

  2. Loving that dress for £1 - bargain!! I would love to find a 'thrift store' too - def worth pulling over to check that one out. The babysitters club made me smile - complete blast from the past, i used to read these when i was small, that and Sweet Valley Twins with a bit of Judy Blume and I was in tween reading heaven ;o) Scarlett x

  3. Amazing bargain on the dress - it doesn't look too big at all. I'm intrigued about this magical 'better pictures' setting on yout camera! x

  4. Just to let you know, I have tagged you in a Kreative Blogging (it's spelt that way - I take no responsibility for that!) thang I got tagged on. Feel free to give it a bash if you fancy. If not, or if you've already done it, I shan't be offended!

    And Babysitter's club?! I just came across a picture today in which you can see one of them on my bedroom floor! It's from a loooong while back!

  5. Can't believe your luck, that dress for £1? So jealous!

  6. If it's a DSLR then she might've switched it to take RAW format & not jpeg, different file type that Windows can't necessarily deal with. You can get some sort of free conversion/image editing software off the internet (I like XN View because it looks like Windows Explorer) is big & safe :)
    Or it could be a lock slide on your memory card?
    I'm probably completely wrong but I hope this might be useful :)

    (I just discovered your blog via Hey Nancy :))


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