Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Outfits and yet more bargains...

When I work Sat/Sun I usually get Mon/Tue off, so its like my own personal weekend (shopping without crowds, quiet gym, eh...rain...). Therefore here's my 'weekend' outfits and bargains from a quick scoot round the charity shops.

Topshop cardi - £28 many moons ago
H&M top - £5 in sale
Vintage skirt - £3.50 charity shop
Nine West heels - £3 charity shop
Kinda fell in love with the heart buttons...
These shoes still had the original stickers on - £3 instead of £65 for brand new Nine West shoes in my size? God was on my side that day :)

Topshop Tall cardi - £30ish...?
Doogie Houser Tshirt - $25 from NBC store in New York (my mum and I LOVED this show when I was a kid so was thrilled to find this! Neil Patrick Harris rocks!)
H&M skirt - £15ish (one of the oldest things in my wardrobe!)
Converse - birthday gift last year
I heart Converse :)

Some fab finds
Found this handmade vintage dress for £2.95 yesterday, it was massive and a little...thready... but after a whizz on the sewing machine and some added elastic, it fits perfectly!
(totally needed another summer dress....)
This one was actually from that magic £1 rail the other day but since its pure silk, I left it for Mother to wash (domestic Goddess I ain't). Quite like it actually, altho I wanna change the colour of the waist ribbon
Found a cute little spring jumper (M&S again!) for £2.50 and Fred Perry (mens...) shorts for 10p!
Unfortunately the weather looked like this when I put the shorts on. Sigh.

So in the cheapie shop I got 5 things from the 10p table, 2 recent magazines and a book - total? 70p :D
Ok this one is sad but exciting so thought I'd share anyway. Many, many years ago I was given the red jigsaw for Christmas and as you can probably see from the box, built it many times - and actually really wanted to visit the real version of that seaside town! So I knew there was another puzzle in the series but after looking half heartedly for it for years I kinda forgot all about it. Until the other day when I walked into my fave charity shop and there it was sitting on one of the high shelves. Yes I grabbed for it. Loser. It set me back a whole 50p and now I'm rather pleased with myself (the lady tried to get me to take 3 for £1 but I wasn't to be persuaded!)
May all your summers be as nice as this one!



  1. Oh you found so many lovely items. I love the print of your new blue and white dress. The charity shops round our way charge so much more. Not seen anything for 10p!

  2. You are winning while Vix is away for best bargains in the clothes department. 10p for shorts? £3 for brand new Nine West shoes? You are tempting me to just photograph random items from my wardrobe and claim they were a shilling, just to make me feel I can still play.

  3. That gingham skirt is gorgeous. I agree with Sophie, I never see anything that cheap! Maybe I'm not looking hard enough :)

  4. I never find the cheap stuff either! Honestly, anything under £3 is a bargain in my book. Can't believe the prices for those two gorgeous frocks.

    That tshirt is amazing!! I absolutely love Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother.

  5. that handmade vintage dress is to die for. so delicate and floaty, and only 2.95!!! you sure did find some bargans lady

  6. You must have the best charity shops, you got some beauties, now following you to see what else you find that I can be jealous of xxx

  7. Ah I used to love jigsaws like that with loads going on, could spend ages looking at all the details :) Love the print on the blue and white dress :)

  8. Wow, great finds and great prices! The blue/white dress is really beautiful. And I love the Monday skirt, too.

  9. More fantastic finds. You'll need to let me know where you go so I can check them out on my next Glasgow visit. Fab tshirt! x

  10. Oh my, those two dresses are amazing, and so bloody cheap! I would go green with jealousy but it wouldn't match what I am wearing ; )



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