Monday, 18 April 2011

Quizzing and posing...

Happy post weekend! Mine was rather fun, starting with the pub quiz on Thursday night (which we lost by 1 POINT, we were beyond p*ssed, esp since we changed an answer to the wrong one, grr).
Red came along as usual
Moffat had his hair cut! He looks quite respectable now :P
It all started so well... (yes that is my messy scrawl, I'm the answer recorder of the group!)

Friday was spend working a full day then it was off to Glasgow on Saturday for some Sean time - we saw Your Highness (pretty funny, some great one liners), went to Frankie and Bennys and then to a comedy club in the West End, where we sat near the back to avoid being heckled - it worked! Sunday we went to Sean's parents to watch the football then pranced around in their garden taking pictures (they were in Ireland btw so I don't look like a crazy in-law quite yet!). Here's some highlights...

I'm wearing that dress I mended the other day with an M&S cardi, my new H&M shoes (their first outing!) and a giant Tie Rack scarf found in a charity shop last year for 50p :) The rest of the day was spent in a fab restaurant eating giant bean burgers and cake, then falling asleep in front of the tv post shower. Good weekend I reckon!



  1. shame about the quiz :( . The 2 last pictures are so cute :)
    Love your dress and that green check shirt, hehe!

  2. you guys look so happy in these photos! amazing weekend :)

  3. I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now for a necklace from pure jewelry if you'd like to check it out. xx

  4. Sounds like an amazing weekend! I think Red must have given you the wrong answer :o) Scarlett x

  5. What a fun weekend you've had! I'm going to a pub quiz tomorrow night...I'm obsessed with them at the moment but am so rubbish! The only thing I'm good at is guessing :) x

  6. Lovely piccies, rubbish to losing at the quiz though :(

  7. loving your posing outfit!
    and well done on the quiz, i am hopeless at quizzes, i have to be on pen duty as it's the only thing i can do!

  8. Shame about the quiz! Love your cute and summery outfit :) Think you may be the only people who liked Your Highness though haha, I haven't heard anything good about it :s

  9. Oh it's been SO long since I've pub quizzed! I really miss it.

  10. Cute pictures :)

    Happy Easter!

    Sal xXx


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