Tuesday, 19 April 2011


This is a post about the random thoughts swirling around in my head at this point in time. So just go with it :)

  • Why the hell is it so hard for a store with a tall range to stock ONE PAIR of flared jeans? These are NOT flared, no matter what the description may be. Atho they did fit so darn perfectly I nearly kept them...
  • Its been a month since I asked and still my brother has not downloaded my requested songlist. If I have to live without this song on my iPod much longer I may go as nuts as she is...
  • Sudoku is an awesome time waster
  • Why don't more people watch the amazing Parks and Recreation? I need someone else to discuss plot twists with!
  • I've been reading this blog from the start and I'm nearly caught up - this girl deserves some major credit, no shopping for a whole year?!
  • Is it wrong that I love being at work more than at home? Or that I barely care that my spare room has been turning into a junk room cause I've been working too much to sort stuff for eBay?
  • I wanna go on holiday again. Like, now...
  • Oh, this song too - I kinda love Tina Majorino...
  • Gotta get more stuff on my Day Zero list - 56 ambitions is not enough!
Ended up working tonight cause our cover girl wanted to finish her dissertation - that'll make my shifts this week 37 hours in 3 days (yay...) but I'm mostly seeing £££ signs and a chance to pinch some laptop electricity.... Oh and type random thoughts!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Love your random post and Im so with you on the spare room being filled with ebay items - ive done two major listing sessions these last two weeks so getting to grips with it :o) Scarlett x

  2. That no shopping blog is seriously inspiring isn't it? I need to knuckle down and save me some cash

  3. Wow I've never seen that blog before but have just had a little peek and think I'll be doing the same as you! x

  4. i'm too scared to even read about not shopping for a whole yr - i think it's been a wk since i spent any money, is that worthy of any praise!? haha.

  5. I love being at work too! I even asked myself 'Oh no. Have I become one of those girls whose work is their life'? I don't mind though :P

    We're lucky to have jobs we like!

    Bea from A plus B


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