Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturday Randomness...

Well I'm having another weekend at work in order to switch them around on the rota (me and another guy share weekend duties!) since I needed a couple off this month when I was meant to be working. So I thought I'd share some of the randomness floating around in my head, helping me waste time between switching films on...
  • How totally awesome is the new Harry Potter trailer?! Only saw it yesterday cause my net was playing up and I pretty much sat open mouthed thru out - can't wait for July now!
  • Michael Scott (Steve Carell) leaving The Office was ridiculously underwhelming.
  • My friend John sent me this link yesterday - now we finally know what Red is singing! (oh yeah, did I mention he sings? The fact we've spent since January trying to figure out the song when we could have just Googled it makes me feel rather stupid...)

  • Been reading this lady's blog from the start - it's incredibly inspirational and likely has something to do with the 'money saving' seed being planted in my brain!
  • Speaking of, I usually manage not to spend money at the weekend when I'm working, but today it went a little wrong... The power in the staffroom went out at some point, and try as I might, I couldn't get it back on (and was told not to mess about with the fuses - saves me getting electrocuted again I guess!), so that meant the water filter was off and I had to go to the shop for a bottle (I know, I should drink the stuff out the tap, but the work water is not the best). This lead to me buying a Time Out without even thinking about it til an hour later - gah, and I was doing so well!
  • I've finished my book today, so guess I'll just have to faff about on the internet some more!
  • Oh, one last thing, if anyone hasn't seen Thor yet you totally should, I previewed it very early last Sunday morning and somehow stayed awake and engrossed thru out - not entirely sure it wasn't to do with Chris Hemsworth in all his long haired glory tho, bit of a far cry from Summer Bay!
Happy Saturday!



  1. Love your random posts! Ive so got to get my bum in the cinema - havent been for ever - i blame the baby! lol Scarlett x

  2. I couldn't sit through the whole "The Office" episode. Probably switched to something much crappier instead, haha.

  3. I'm so looking forward to the last Harry Potter film, I just know I'm going too cry..

  4. Ahh I'm so out of the Harry Potter hype, never got into the books or the films :s

  5. I went to see Thor last week and was kinda surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Superhero films are not really my cup of tea but it was so much funnier than I expected!


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