Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Things I love

I've been tagged again! This time by Sophie at Country Girl Does Norfolk, I've to list 10 things I love and tag 10 other bloggers. Since I just tagged a bunch of folks the other day I'm gonna cheat a bit and open it up to everyone who fancies a go, also I'm nosy and would love to see everyone's answers!
Absolute top is of course my mum. She's totally awesome. She also hates having her picture taken so this is the best one I could find...
Sean - he's pretty cute and tall and has ambitions and cool friends and knows about the news.
My laptop, God I dunno how I'd cope without it, its on almost every day (oh and my sometimes crappy mobile internet, v handy wee thing)
My iPod Nano. Best. Present. Ever. I actually always make sure I have enough money in my account so I could replace it straight away if anything happened to it, I'm that attached.
Cutie (age 18ish...) and Red (age a few months...)
Pasta. Man I could eat pasta every day and be happy forever.
My job (altho this is actually from a cinema I covered in last summer, cant seem to find pics of mine) The black box in the middle is the digital projector, which is about to make most of my 'special skills' obsolete...
Chips chips chips! And giant fritters and brown sauce. Heart attack heaven :)
Vintage clothes
And... Converse! One of very few things I'm a brand snob about (the other main thing is sports clothes/trainers, don't like the cheap stuff!)



  1. love your 10! I'd be lost without my laptop!

  2. My best friend is one of the techs at the cinema I work at, she's pretty angry about the whole digital malarky! Can't blame her really, as the GM is making her train the retail managers in projection- essentially putting herself out of a job. It will be a sad day when all the projectors are digital. We have more problems now than we ever did with the old ones.

  3. Lovely post. That's sad that technology is taking over your skills, happening too much now. I could so live on pasta too. x

  4. Love this post, its so great to know more about my bloggy friends, although as im also a pasta freak I maybe shouldnt have read this before breakfast as now Im really hungry!! And AMEN to the vintage clothes lol. Scarlett x

  5. Chips! I'd much rather have a big portion of chips than pasta, but they both look rather good right now. Yes, I know it's still technically breakfast time but I'm in chubber mode at the moment!

  6. Ooh the projection room doesn't look anything like I thought! I think I had visions of it still being like Cinema Paradiso or something! x

  7. Hello, I found you via Alex's blog. That's so sad about the digital projectors, must be difficult.

    I am with you with the slightly OTT love for the iPod. I adore mine. It comes everywhere with me, I have even been known to not be able to sleep, go off and find and it immediately drop off when I have put it under my pillow. sad but true

  8. sad about digital takeover with the projectors, but oh wow look at all those converse!

  9. love your blog! Just popped by to say hello :) FM x

  10. that's so sweet that your mom is #1 on your list!

  11. Do you call your stuffed lambs lamby-pies? All my cousins and I have them, and they all have their own names, but generically they are know as lamby-pies. I always wondered if that was just my weird family or if it's actually a thing.


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