Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Today's outfit and Exciting News!

Just a quick little post today since I'm heading out soon, plus I've been working all week and really have nothing much to report! (Unless you wanna know how many stars I gave Arthur? 3, bumped up slightly by the cutesy ending :P) Today I'm at Mother's, had a plan to do some mending but the afternoon turned into a waste-time-online kinda day, altho I did find a great site about minimalism called Miss Minimalist, makes for interesting reading!

Anyway, on to my outfit! (yes I'm holding a nail file for some reason...)
Cardi - M&S Outlet £8ish...
Vintage blouse - Charity Shop £1
Vintage M&S skirt - Charity Shop £2
Wedges - Topshop £65 (gift!)
I've had this necklace for many years - it started life as a keyring given to me by my first boyfriend's parents, but since I have a tendancy to break/lose keyrings it got turned into my fave necklace ever :)
Yes, the Topshop wedges again! You may be seeing a lot more of these, best shoes EVER!

So remember last week I had a secret that I couldn't tell anyone (cause I found out by accident and no-one knew I knew except my mum!)? Well I can tell now! My wee brother and his girlfriend got engaged on Wednesday, her 21st birthday, yay! Tonight her family is having a party for her birthday that's now kinda morphed into an engagement party, so I'm heading to that then we're pubbing it, exciting Friday night for a change!



  1. love your outfit, the colourblocking works fab! You'll get your money's worth out of those wedges, but they do look so versatile.
    What sweet news about your brother!

  2. god I love those shoes so much!! Yay about bro - now you got to decide what you are going to wear to the wedding! Hope you have a fabulous time this evening :o) Scarlett x

  3. Great top... I love anything gingham! And congratulations to your brother!

  4. Aw congrats to your bro :) Love that red skirt, and really NEED me some wedges this summer I think! xx

  5. Love your outfit, it's kind of 1940's! Is Arthur a 3/5 or 3/10 lol? I turned down the print check last night and I never turn down a print check!

  6. Love that colour blocked skirt. This outfit looks really 40s inspired - v. stylish!x

  7. Love the bright red skirt! So pretty.

    Xo Chelle

  8. Aw, enjoy the party - what lovely news! The necklace is adorable - good call on turning it into a necklace! The wedges are ace - it's good to know that, if someone's forked out on something, you're getting good use!

  9. oooh in your picture you look very sweet!
    nice blog :)

    my blog- follor me:

  10. Oh congratulations to them - that's lovely news!


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