Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekend dress up...

...or dress down in this case I think! I was back to work on Friday for a lovely 12 hour shift - Friday is the worst day to go back, there's always so much to do and being off for a week means it took even longer for me to organise a to-do list. But everything got done in the end, and I somehow slept until lunchtime yesterday - was not impressed with myself, think I have jet lag!

Made it up eventually and headed to Mother's house for the weekend. It was such a lovely day here yesterday - it was my first day of the year to go out with bare legs and semi bare arms, and the first outing for my fave summer shoes, yay!
Jumper - H&M $15
Vintage skirt - Charity shop £3.50
Socks - Topshop sale £1
Shoes - Topshop gift last year
Today I went more casual - I found this cardi in the mens dept of H&M in New York and was dying to wear it, so pulled out some trousers I found last year in a charity shop - they're a long length from M&S but when I took down the turn-ups they were finally long enough! (a great tall-person trick I learned a few years ago!)
Cardi - H&M $13
Top - Warehouse via charity shop £1
Trousers - M&S Autograph via charity shop £2.50 (I think!)
Converse - birthday gift last year
Managed to sleep til 12 again today, my body is going nuts! When I finally got up I realised Mother had opened her card before work, so had to share it with you guys...
It's kind of our thing that when Mother and I have the same day off work (occurs about once a month, she's hardly ever off...) we go shopping. And Mother always says she hasn't bought me anything for a while so we usually end up in Topshop or M&S, its not good for my wardrobe! Plus the vintage picture on the front of the card means she knows its from me - my brother's much better at the soppy/comedy cards...



  1. I love your favourite summer shoes! Especially with the socks.

  2. Love those shoes! The first outfit is so cute, widh I could pull it off. Love your menswear cardi, I never look round the mens section, I really should!

  3. Ah I love both your outfits - they have very nautical feel, I love the colours. Very nice charity shop bargains as well!

  4. I love your summer shoes, your blue skirt and your men's cardie - doesn't look like a man's!

  5. oooh love both the outfits and those topshop shoes are incredible - love love love them :o) Scarlett x

  6. Oooh love the socks and sandals in the first one- so cute!

  7. How lovely to still make time to spend together when you and your mum have the same days off- ahh, and what better way of doing it then over a girly shop :) Love the outfits. x

  8. I adore the card:))). And it's so lovely to see you enjoying warmer days - your skirt is beautiful - what an amazing colour. And the shoes and tiny socks are just way to cute!! Lurrrrve the trousers - jealous much;))). Your body is telling you to sleep so make the most of it. xoxo

  9. I love your jumper, and the cute little dots on your blue skirt. :)

    The Cat Hag

  10. I love the first outfit, so sweet x

  11. Great outfits!Love your shoes!!!
    New follower.I loved that also followed!!

  12. thats first outfit could well be my favourite one you've ever posted! i love the polka dots, and you can pull off yhe socks and sandals look so well, which is one i am scared of ;S

  13. love that blue skirt! lovely post :) xx


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