Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ah, the 90s...

...turns out they were not very exciting, as far as apparel goes anyway! Found this magazine from 1998 when I was having my clearout, not totally sure why I kept it but was fun having a flick thru and remembering the time when I first got interested in fashion (around my mid teens - before that I lived in trakkie bottoms and boys jumpers, the shame!)
I even recall this came from an airport in London when we were going to Disneyland Paris for new year - my memory is working better than usual today!
Maybe chunky sweaters have always been in fashion then...?
It may just be me, but I found everything so plain and boring - thank god for floral prints and stripes in the 21st century! Probably didn't help that this was a winter issue tho...
Gym clothes combined with mini skirts? Eh, no...
Actually had a good laugh at this - pretty sure I had at least one of these tops! (not with the matching bra sadly...)
I always like the street style parts of magazines the best, and this turned out to be the most interesting part - check out that white shaggy coat!



  1. None of those in the Street section would look madly 'out there' if they were dropped in the present day.....the 80s now, that's a different matter altogether lol!!!

    K xx

  2. Loved the music for the 90's i had a blue army top,lol but mine was not see through :)

  3. Lol 90's clothes were fairly dull! For adults anyway...I had several rather fetching pairs of leggings with matching Disney jumpers, sexy! P.S. thank you for the award :D

  4. im loving the red items <3 and i too am fond of the street style section, its a great way to see awesome styles from people!!

  5. Oh god, 90's style was bizarre wasn't it? And not even in a good way - it was such a weird mixture of big jumpers and camo print and sportswear and awful trainers. Bleurgh!

  6. haha I used to have a green combat top like that....think it may be in my fancy dress box now xxx

  7. whoa, that combat combo outfit is nuts! too funny.

  8. Oh my god, the mesh camo top. Guilty, guilty, guilty. And I used to wear it with combats as well, a la an Appleton. Such style...:-)

    The main objectionable thing about the 90s - to my mind - came to me when I was watching one of the endless re-runs of Friends the other day. Strappy floral dresses worn over a t-shirt. What was that all about?

  9. The 1980's was bad enough but by the time the 1990's rolled round I was already into vintage and missed out on all the mimalist "fashion".
    I can't belieev you've still got a 1990's magazine. xxx

  10. lol - love old magazines to check out the fashions - yup im guilty too of the mesh combat top - such a blast from the past! Thanks for giving me a chuckle Scarlett x


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