Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mad weekend

Apologies for the lack of posting, I've not really been feeling much inspiration of late. However I had a lovely packed weekend spent with all my fave people (not enough time with Mother, but I'm seeing her Thur/Fri, yay!) and in all my fave places - home, friends houses, Sean's home and the cinema! So here's how it went down...
My lovely bro is now 22 and still tormenting his awesome fiance
We got rather wasted and I found a duck stress ball I bought my brother in Boston a few years ago. It made me very excited, hyper and shouty.
I re-met my one of my brother's friends who I immediately decided was a wrestler/guitarist. He's not. Was slightly gutted.
I found a toy car. On a PLUG. Loving it.
We spread the word of Retarded Five. Just do as you see and soon it will take over the world.
We ate a lot of BBQ food over 2 days. It was pretty darn awesome overall.

We also saw Cedar Rapids (incredibly boring) and Rio 3D - finally! (goodish, but far too many chatty wee ones in the audience - I can't be doing with talking during a film!) And I finally saw Psycho and Cool Hand Luke, both being rather awesome.



  1. Looks like a fabulous weekend, i too would have been gutted to find out he wasnt a wrestler or guitarist - totally looks like he should be. Scarlett x

  2. Great set of pictures. You look fab with the pic with the fake wrestler/guitarist. What a shame he wasn't!

  3. Haha he does look like a wrestler and/or guitarist! Change of career for that man!!

  4. Fabby cheerful post! Looks like you had a fantastic weekend :) xxx

  5. That looks like so much fun. Can I ask what the guitarist/wrestler does for a living? That hair is wasted on an office job!


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