Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Messing about

Snapped some outfit pics when I got back from date night in Glasgow last night (on the train ride home I had to endure drunken 50 somethings shouting about using protection and things being, eh, up...gah) Anyway, I was messing about on Picnik earlier and edited them a bit different from usual - enjoy!
Vintage coat - charity shop £10
Top - H&M sale ages ago
Vintage scarf - £1
Trousers - Topshop Tall
Vintage M&S heels - charity shop £3
I heart these trousers - feel instantly smart and pretty when I put them on, haha!
Love this casual stud vest too, just goes with everything
Love love these shoes too, was so pleased to find vintage shoes in my size! Screw it, I'm just in love with this whole outfit!

So for Date Night, we went to see Insidious (only thing we've not seen!), it was pretty stupid but not totally tragic! Then we had a quick trip to Frankie and Bennys - walked in as most others were leaving, dont think we were too popular! I had to get back earlyish since today my longest shift ever was on the cards - started at 9am to preview Pirates 4 (meh) and since the distributer's decided we'd be playing a late show (we NEVER play late shows) I'm finishing at...quarter past midnight. Great. Bright side, I'm off tomorrow and my payslip for this month looks suspiciously good, so not complaining!

Ooh, anyone seen Take Me Home Tonight with Topher Grace? Its on my weekend plans!



  1. Yay for date night, you look lovely, love the shoes as always! Scarlett x

  2. Good god that's a long shift! Pirates 4 just doesn't appeal to me at all. I didn't mind the first one but found the sequels very very tedious and have no wish to see this one.

  3. thats a heck of a long working day, but hurrah for overtime! I love your vintage cat and smart grey trousers, they are such a great shape and fit.

  4. That was a long day (and night)!

    Those shoes are killer - especially with those silver stripes.

  5. Wow - that's one heck of a shift.

    The coat is wonderful and I can see how that studded vest goes with everything. It is fabulous

  6. You poor love, I hated long shifts in the catering industry, a total killer.
    Drunken Fifty-somethings, eh? Watch it, I'll be one of those pretty soon. xxx

  7. I like the grainy effect in the top pic - I should take more care to edit my photos and make them pretty, I'd just rather be crocheting/sewing/doing anything else really! xx

  8. Drunken, marauding 50 year olds? They are the worst kind!

    Love the trews but love your skirt a few posts back even more - the one made from a Disney duvet cover. Genius!

    I'm off to have a good rummage round your blog xx

  9. Lovely outfit.

    Sadie xx

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