Thursday, 26 May 2011

An outfit and some randomness

Well the car is finally in the garage and I'm hanging out at Mother's for a few days. This means unlimited internet and some sewing time - happy Elise! Bring on the laptop headache I say!

Today's outfit is a mish mash of randomness that I grabbed from my wardrobe while attempting a quick pack last night, not totally sure where my head was at, altho in the life of my clothes I say denim shirts, hoodies, Converse and florals go with EVERYTHING, and especially each other.
30 Rock Hoodie - NBC Store $50
Denim shirt - Topman, gift
Vintage dress - handmade by me many years ago
Tights - That Store I Hate (primark!) £2
Converse - birthday pressie

Hopefully there's some 30 Rock fans out there to appreciate this!
Was a bit of a pressie to myself on the March New York trip :)
Anyone remember these dummy necklaces?! This may be one of the oldest things I own, I remember being desperate for a dummy charm and my gran buying me these at the newsagents after school - daft some of the things that stand out in my mind from childhood!
I pop into Primark once or twice a year for 'interesting' cheap tights - starting to think this is a bit of a false economy... I go there cause I'm forever laddering non opaque tights but the quality of these are so bad I think that's WHY I'm laddering them!
Picked up more knitting patterns at the charity shop earlier - I'm getting a bit obsessed! Altho good news - I've finally picked a cardi for Mother to knit for my birthday - the undecisiveness had gone on too long! So in just over 2 months I should be the proud owner of the oversize cardi on the top left, yay! I also intend to knit myself that elephant cardi - totally in love with it!
Oh and my mum has Rio kitchen roll. Pretty awesome, dontcha think?



  1. I certainly reside in the 'denim shirts, hoodies and converse go with everything' ballpark too. You look great.

    Ahhh dummy necklaces, I wanted one so badly. I blame Robbie Williams and teenage hormones

  2. That elephant cardi is amazing! Please get started on it.

    I'm of the opinion that everything can go with everything, as long as you wear it with a bit of style, which you're definitely doing here.

  3. Love your dress! And oh my i remember those dummy necklaces, what a blast from the past. I remember my mum not being so pleased with them due to their links to the clubbing drugs culture lol. Scarlett x

  4. You could pull off any combination of clothes I think Elise, you just have to do it with confidence. To echo Alex, yes, please start that elephant cardie right this minute!

  5. Totally agree about the elephant cardi - i need one!!!

    And I love this outfit, I definitely always think that all things go together! :)

  6. I agree with the others, everything goes with a bit of confidence and a cheeky smile. xxx

  7. i love the pattern of your dress, it's lovely. and i wish i could just quickly throw on an outfit and look as effortless as you! it can takes me anything from ten minutes to over an hour to get dressed! i'm terrible. xx


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