Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Plain and simple

Just a quick little outfit post - sat down for 10 mins after being in since 10am and turns out I've been handed more work to do, aah! Plus I jammed my finger in a film mover - deep breaths Elise....

So anyway, this is what I wore yesterday to get some work done in flat and to go shopping with Mother. It was another funny kind of day, not quite cold but still windy, so went for jeans and a light top. I've had these jeans for years and they're my perfect style - however they're on the way out so DP better come up with something good to replace them!
Handknit cardi - charity shop £2
Vintage blouse - charity shop 10p
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins £5 sale
Vintage sandals - charity shop £3
Necklace - remade from Topshop earrings
This was the first time I wore these sandals after finding them in the winter - I dont really do sandals, I have a thing about bare feet, feel like my feet are too close to the ground with sandals on! These may look comfy but they absolutely murdered my feet, gotta give them few days in Converse to heal now!



  1. It's always the comfiest-looking shoes that cripple you isn't it?! xx

  2. Those jeans are gorgeous on you. It has been a funny old day again, it looks like summer but it's chilly as anything. Bring back summer. xxx

  3. Ouch for your finger and painful sandles - good old trusty converse, wouldnt be without mine. Your outfit is fab. Scarlett x

  4. I love white and blue denim, so pretty.

    Those shoes look magnificent but boo hiss for them being uncomfy

  5. That necklace is just excessively cute.

    My feet are feeling the burn from an equally sensible pair of sandals today. It's so weird - they don't do it when I wear heels!


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