Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Such a lovely day...

Woke up yesterday with mega back pain - so being me, decided to go to the gym on painkillers, despite that I could hardly move. Surprisingly, this tactic worked! Don't worry, I did check it was ok to run with back pain first, but apparently its better to do that than sit or lie in bed, takes pressure off or something. Anyway I ran 2.5 miles without stopping, my personal best! Then today I was a bit achey (sp?) round the butt area thanks to my effort, so went a nice long walk down the beach instead.
Isn't it pretty? :)
Was testing my camera skills!
Going for warm enough but practical for the walk! Felt I didn't need a coat since it was so nice out, so wore a chunky cardi instead to shield me from the wind somewhat.
Handmade cardi - Car boot sale £3
Jumper - Charity shop £1
Jeans - Target $8
Converse - gift
Scarf - Charity shop £1
This vintage scarf is all hand embroidered, so pretty!

Spent the rest of the day being rather productive - showered, curled hair, wrapped ebay stuff, sorted books (the spring cleaning is almost done!) and....I baked! Madness for me! Hehe. Started off as lady fingers (cause thats all I had ingredients for...) and didnt quite go as planned so I chucked in some coconut and more flour and out came....eh, coconut biscuits! Yeah, totally what I meant to do really...
Date night with Sean tonight - sometimes we meet at a cinema half way during the week to catch up, quite excited, gotta go get glam!



  1. How gorgeous to have that wonderful beach on your doorstep!
    I spent five years managing a chiropractic clinic and you're right, it's better to keep moving with back pain (but gentle 10 minute walks not runs). Be Careful! xxx

  2. yummy baking! Back pain must be hideous, but running? That sounds scary, be careful. We went for a costal walk yesterday and almost got blown away it was so windy.

  3. Well done on your PB, I wonder if the painkiller tactic works for knee pains too?!

  4. Haha, I love random baking concoctions. Did the biscuits taste good? They look scrummy.

  5. Handmade cardi for £3? That's the kind of deal I like! The baking looks yummy, but booo to back pain. I can't believe you went to the gym!

  6. Biscuits look good - sometimes these little "accidents" turn out to be tastier than what we intended! Hope your back is OK.

  7. ha i love when you have nothing in and therefore throw stuff together and it ends up yummy - i do this a lot.

  8. I'm envious - I'd love to live by the sea. And how much do I love your scarf?! Its a super buy and goes well with the denim.

    P.S. Have a great night tonight!

  9. Oh I'd so love a beach so close by - looks fabulous! Baking = yummy! And from the 'wrapping of ebay stuff' I take it the auctions went well and hopefully all sold. Scarlett x

  10. Goon on you for gyming. I always say i'm going to go, then it gets to early afternoon at work and i'm convincing myself of reasons not too - today it's the tv!



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