Monday, 16 May 2011

Ugh, mechanical objects hate me...

The past 3 days have not went well - on Saturday, the sound in Screen 3 went crackly and boss had to come down and switch some wires and faff about to fix it. Then on Sunday the lamp in Screen 1 blew (quite a big deal in projection) and we had to cancel 2 shows and spend ages working out how to fix it. Boss was down again, completely unimpressed. And THEN I had a much longed for day off today, had to go to Mother's since I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I got home and decided to pop to Asda to get rolls for dinner. Bit of background info here, my car has died twice in past few weeks and had to be jump started by kind strangers. Sure you can see where this is going... Yup, it died again today, stalled as I was pulling into a space in Asda, aaah! So long story short, my brother's friends tried to get it going, wasn't happening, so uncle picked it up and is now trying to fix it. Think I should go back to the good old days of candlelight and horse and carts!

However, I did finally get my friend's scarf and mittens finished at the weekend - now trying to decide if it should be a birthday pressie (mid July!) or saved for Christmas...
Here's today's outfit - and I'm back in tights! Have to say, one of my pet hates is seeing ladies wearing black tights in mid summer (makes me overheat!), but I decided lighter ones on a horrible, rainy cold day was ok! (side note - the colours went a bit weird when I was cropping the pics so maybe just squint!)
Handmade hat - charity shop 50p
Vintage cardi - charity shop £1
Dress - Debenhams £20 aaages ago
Tights - DP sale
H&M shoes - charity shop £4.99
I also wore a lace body underneath from Topshop Tall for some added heat! And style of course :)
When I first got this dress I just lived in it, its one of my faves cause it works for every occasion, can't believe this is the first time I'm blogging about it!
And of course the H&M shoes that kill my toes but I just love them cause they go with everything - totally worth it I say!



  1. You always have the best shoes! Sorry about your car, mines been a pain in the bum too, hope yours is fixed soon. Mwah Scarlett x

  2. I love that dress, its got a real vintage feel to it. Blimey, if the scarf and gloves are going to be a Christmas present, then you're well ahead with the present knitting.

    P.S. Hope the car is on the mend and that you'll be behind the wheel soon.

  3. I'm very sorry I'm wearing black tights today :( It's only because it's a bit chilly and they're warm! Love your outfit here, it's so pretty!

  4. Love the dress. This is one of your best outfits so far.

  5. I really love your dress, its so pretty and those wedges look comfy, shame they're toe-unfriendly. The only penpals I have are people who's blogs I read. Thats just the way its gone.
    I thought me and machines had issues, but sounds like you've got it worse. How frustrating about your car :s

  6. The scarf and mittens you made are awesome, you are so creative!

    And you look fabulous, I have been looking around for a nice pair of white tights to no avail. ;|

    The Cat Hag

  7. love the dress and the lace body under it looks perfect with it!

  8. What a fabulous present, you should save it till Xmas but I don't blame you for wanting to give it sooner than later.
    I'm with you on the black tights, yours are a million times prettier. xxx

  9. Goooooooood shoes! They go beautifully with that outfit. And well done on that knitting- very impressive! xx

  10. i LOVE your dress! =)

  11. wow, the scarf and mittens look amazing! i can't believe you made them. i tried crocheting mittens once and it was such a disaster.

  12. They say these things come in threes so hopefully that's your lot with mechanical bad luck! Loving the dress and shoes :) xxx

  13. Sorry, also meant to say, the scarf and gloves are brilliant, very retro! YOU HAD TOO MUCH TO COMMENT ON! Oh sorry for shouting, sausage fingers! xx

  14. I'd say give them now so they're ready for winter? There's lots of cold before Christmas :)
    I really like your dress, and sort of recognise it, where's it from?
    Hope things stop breaking at you :)


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