Friday, 13 May 2011

Yesterday...was unusually productive...

...oh, except when Blogger had a breakdown of course! But yeah, the rest of my day went rather well. I mean, I got dressed for a start, that's always an accomplishment on a day off!
Cardi - H&M $13
Vintage dress - Charity shop £2ish
Shoes - Topshop, v old!
Bag - Topshop £18 few years ago
Belt - Target $3
Totally love these shoes but they're really FLAT, if that makes sense!
STILL on red white and blue, oops!

So when you have a day off and are armed with a sewing machine... old duvet cover...
...and a vintage sewing pattern, what do you do? Make a random skirt of course!

Annoyingly I had a better pic but the computer wiped it again - its started randomly doing this when I'm importing them, dunno what's going on. Was quite pleased with how easy the skirt made up, was rather drama free for a change, altho the size was for a 26.5 inch waist, I'm prob about 27/28 but when I joined the skirt back and front together it was rather massive, so had to take it in bout 3 times!
These guys are my fave :D

I watched You Again and Highlander while sewing - Highlander was recommended by Sean and his pal, and it was one of the worst acted, most hilariously fun films I've ever seen! Sean Connery played an Egyptian allegedly, of course he still sounded more Scottish than I do - I love hearing that man not even attempting an accent! You Again did exactly what it said on the tin, dunno how it ended up in my rental list, must have been the allure of the legendary Betty White!



  1. what a cute skirt! Unique. I love it :)

  2. Swit-swoo, well done! I've come across stuff like this on Flickr when looking for inspiration for old curtains etc as clothes, there was a Rainbow Brite skirt which I LOVED! Love that blouse you have on and the print on the dress too :)

  3. omg your skirt is amazing!! I always see fun items like this on my camden jaunts and they always have a massive price tag! Scarlett x

  4. I really like the dress your wearing in the first photos..and high five for completing that skirt! It's real cute.

    haha I recently watched Highlander too..I much prefer the TV show from the 90's hahah.

    xoxo mama wolf.

  5. Awww, that is such a cute skirt you've made! And I agree, getting dressed is definitely an accomplishment on a day off!

  6. That skirt is wonderful. I'm going to have to make something like this out of the increasing stack of vintage sheets I have

  7. Super skirt - that is sooo brilliant!

  8. You've done a brilliant job on that skirt, I don't even like Disney but I'd wear that like a shot. xxx

  9. Oh, wow! That is brilliant, haha! x

  10. I'm so excited by the skirt, it's the cutest thing ever! Also I think I had those Topshop pumps in black and wore them to death

  11. what a lovely outfit! very 1940's chic! =)

  12. You look so cute in everything you wear!

    I really like the skirt you sewed, it's so whimsical and colourful and cute and it's Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!! Hehe. :)

    The Cat Hag

  13. That skirt is incredible! And, what a perfect way to spend a day when you have a sewing machine at your disposal. Great job, it looks so good on you.


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