Saturday, 25 June 2011

Recent finds and bargains

Well I've been shopping for the first time in ages, once last week and again this week when I took a mad notion to hunt for a hat for the upcoming wedding - eventually found exactly what I was looking for on Etsy so lets hope it arrives in time! (and actually matches my outfit, that wouldn't hurt... :P) Here's a wee selection as promised, it's a pretty random mixture of summer and fall clothing, and yeah it's somehow all clothing this time around!
These items were all off the £1 rail - I know, more shorts! Kinda fell in love with the redness... But who knows when they'll get outside - it actually got warmer today but is currently raining, gotta love that Scottish indecisiveness!
These dresses I came across yesterday in my hometown, the floral one was £2 and the spotty one £1 - both a bit too big but I'll make it work! I'm kinda in love with the top one, makes me want to run around in a meadow and pick flowers...yeah...
This was another 10p table bargain, a 90s M&S blouse, thinking this may turn into a staple piece, I quite love oversizing and layering in the changing climates.
Another M&S piece, this time a Per Una crop vest, hardly worn from the looks of it, well it's about to be! Only £1.
Well this one wasn't a charity shop find but it was an amazing bargain - a Shock Absorber sports bra found in Debenhams sale for ..... £9! Plus I had a voucher so technically it cost me nothing haha. Guess it was a good thing I got distracted from spraying aftershave all over myself (Sean's birthday is coming up, I'm not just some random weirdo who likes to test men's fragrances! )


ps there seems to have been a problem with me receiving/posting comments but I think I'm up and running again!

Friday, 24 June 2011

An outfit and some new old shoes

Ah today was fun, had another palaver at the bank plus I've been sewing since tea time - making a dress for a wedding I'm going to, but Sean's not allowed to see yet so I'll share nearer the time!

So I started the day with this outfit...
Blouse - charity shop
Dress - Topshop Tall
Tights - DPs
Shoes - charity shop

...but something didn't quite feel right, so I switched to a dress I unearthed in my sewing pile - its a little big but thats what belts are for right? I got it on the kickass 10p table months ago, its another vintage M&S item (man I love that store!) and is apparently a petite fit - first time I've ever worn petite I think! :P

Ok so the belt was also a bit big - solved this problem by tying it!
I picked up these sandals on my bargain hunting mission yesterday (photos coming soon!). At £4 and a bit worn they weren't exactly a steal but the little wedge and the goldness swayed me! Bought them right after a fall style Laura Ashley skirt, my brain doesn't know what season it is!

Thanks for all the book recs on the previous post, keep them coming!


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Lets talk about books...

So I decided to start some packing last night - I finished work at 4pm and despite wasting a large amount of time in the gym I still had some hours to kill before bedtime. This is where the 'better do something useful' mentality kicked in, so I went for the fairly easy task of packing up my bookshelves - the logic being that I could watch tv/movies at the same time. Yup, I'm one of those annoying people who can't just do one thing at a time!

Anyway, I got to thinking and reminiscing about some of my favourite reads - I tend to only keep books that I really loved the first time and know I'll read again, even if it likely won't be for a year or two.
Here's my little collection of 'nostalgia' books - the stories I loved as a child. Pretty much for as long as I could read I've been obsessed by it, we were constantly at the library in the school holidays, and I'd always check out the maximum 6 books! Malory Towers were a series I read over and over, and I still go back to them now. Weirdly I only read the whole Narnia collection maybe 5 years ago when my then boyfriend gave me his childhood collection. Since then I've probably read them about once a year, I love how they all tie together, and the end...ugh, gets me every time!
Ah, the Garfield books. Originally this was my brothers and my joint collection, but he decided to get rid so I rescued them on a whim - I actually still collect them, they're just so fun and easy to read!
A little selection of my paperback fiction - Danny Wallace is one of my favourites for a hilarious uplifting read, although my favourite book has to be 'The Bronze Horseman' by Paullina Simons - forbidden love in war torn Russia, what more does a book need?! Unfortunately my copy went missing somewhere along the way so it's hovering around my Amazon wish list ;)
Some hardbacks - the Harry Potter series of course, which I just finished collecting in HB after some untrustworthy person borrowed my PB collection about 4 years ago and never returned it - one of my pet hates, hence why I'm always quick to watch/read borrowed items and return them soon as I can. The classics I found in my Gran's basement after she died - I've read Pride and Prejudice so far and loved it, even if I only understood about half the dialogue... Unfortunately they also smell like basement, so I haven't quite got round to reading the rest yet!
Ah the non fiction shelf. Strangely, for someone who devours novels, factual books were not something I really picked up unless I was doing a school report, plus by the time I reached college all research was done online, so it's only recently I've gotten into looking in other areas of the bookshop/library. This shelf is a bit of a random mix - local photo books mixed with the history of Barbie nestled in with knitting books all jumbled together with many many movie and cinema books. An alternative way to learn I say! Below is the Total Film/Empire collection and the oversized books, they could only be contained weightwise on the bottom shelf!
The Babysitters Club collection. Hehe, I always smile when I think of these stories - by the time I'd read my 500th or so book the sameness had started to set in, but admittedly it took til I was about 15 to retire them! They now have a new lease of life as I've started collecting again, I have a bit of an ambition (thanks to this blog) to read them all again, but I don't yet have close to the full set... maybe one day!
And lastly (if you made it this far, yay to you!) my to-read pile - a good deal smaller than it was a couple of months ago, since I've been determinedly ploughing thru it since I decided I had to move. These were all bought for less than 50p, except 3 which were gifts - can't resist a book bargain, gotta get me to the library when I've finished this little stack!

So go on, tell me your favourite book/s and I just might read them next! (eh after my stack is done of course!)


Monday, 20 June 2011

Ah, Sunday...

Somehow it's always so much easier to be lazy on a Sunday than any other day of the week, dontcha think? Altho we did get dressed and got some shopping in, and even went out for dinner with Sean's parents for Fathers Day. Oh and yes, I do dress like this to got to Asda in the pouring rain :P
Sean wore a rather attractive 'pyjama' shirt, chosen by me
I had some fun making up collages!
Cardi - Topshop
Vest - H&M
Trousers - Charity shop
Wedges - Topshop
Necklace - refashioned from a gifted keyring

(side note - when I found these trousers I sent Sean a pic and asked if he would still be seen with me if I wore them. His reply was that his mum had trousers like them in the 80s. V diplomatic! Anyway when I got out the car at the restaurant his mum said she loved my trousers. Point to me I think!)



More awesome awards, all from Scarlett! I'm feeling v touched right now hehe, especially since she has a totally awesome blog, go look, now!

Ok so I gotta pass these on to 5 lovely people...

...and now tell you 5 things about myself!

- I'm right handed

- but I eat crisps and put on make up with my left hand!

- I'm still avoiding shopping!

- I get the keys to my new flat in a week and haven't packed even one thing yet...

- I'm constantly torn between wanting to be a responsible adult with a job and my own place, or jacking it all in and doing something adventurous... Unfortunately my nature generally keeps me grounded in the first option - for now!


Friday, 17 June 2011

An outfit and general hilarity

Finally wore my Disney duvet cover skirt! Only been lying about for like a month haha! Went to Sean's on Wednesday for a couple of days of being chauffeur/concerned girlfriend after the knee op. It's healing up well, altho I'm not sharing pics of it - got a glimpse under one of the plasters yesterday and there was a STAPLE there! Bleugh! Yes I'm squeamish, how did you guess?!

Sean took my pics for a change, in the setting of his fun bedroom - check out the memory wall in the second pic! :)
Cardi - M&S Outlet
Top - M&S sale
Skirt - handmade
Belt - charity shop
Wedges - Topshop

A Sean outfit! Plotting how to pinch this hoodie....

Crazy faces!

Some randomness - I was being Sean's support pole in this one, the crutches having been discarded somewhere...
Oh and just to prove the clumsiness I'm always talking about, here's a pic of my lovely knees after I took a tumble outside my flat on Wednesday - right before going to Asda then Glasgow, great timing! I swear the pavement came up to trip me! Or someone up there thought I wasn't feeling enough Sean sympathy haha. At least the fact my flat is surrounded by eh, other flats, means I most likely gave someone a good laugh. Anyway, cue a flurry of wet wipes and sitting in Asda loo with blood running down my legs, gah!

Anyone else done anything daft this week? Or just me...?


Monday, 13 June 2011

An outfit...and that's all

Yeah my day started productive, did great run at gym and got like 2 weeks of washing done, then after some hoovering and mending I'd had enough, so on went DVDs and t'internet. Getting a cold but its still at the horrible sore throat stage (seriously I'd rather spend the day being sick than suffering thru another cold) so can't really be bothered going out to find food, think it'll be pasta bake or rice or some tinned peas... Yup that's precisely all the food I have in, so lazy!
All second hand today! Shoes from ebay, everything else charity shops.
The first outfit was my 'outside' outfit, this is what I actually ended up in. Man I love slippers.

These shoes were listed as being a little worn on ebay... Eh yeah just a bit! Think I'm gonna take them to work tomorrow and raid the workshop for sandpaper, the thinking is I can't make them any worse!


Sunday, 12 June 2011

A tip!

Have you ever been in desperate need of a lint roller but didn't have one handy? Well, the other day I realised if you wind some tape round you hand (sticky side up!) and attack your fluffy garments with it, it does the same job! Or you could just not wear a newly washed knit top to the hairdressers in the first place...


p.s thanks for all the well wishing re Sean's knee, he was v touched! Everything went well so this time next year he should be back playing football - unless he actually learns a lesson!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

An outfit and some sneaky bargains...

Another day at Mother's! Got my hair cut this morning then had a 2 hour stint in the bank trying to change all my accounts (was almost successfully done!). Sneaked into the 2 local charity shops on way home - got pretty much £5 to last next 2 weeks after picking up a couple of goodies, but its all good, I'll make it work hehe!

Found this jumper in the whites pile of my laundry basket - turns out I bought it 2 months ago, shows how often I do a white wash! Also feel like I should have shown this skirt on here before, it's been one of my fave wardrobe items lately.
M&S jumper - charity shop
Vintage skirt - charity shop
Belt - Target
Shoes - Topshop

Had a very awesome lunch involving pasta (what else!) and DVD watching
Found this cute M&S vest in a £1 box at charity shop
Got this cool retro bag from the £1 bag box next to the top one! Here's a thing - I'm fussy about bags, like I doubt anyone could pick one I'd like if they were buying me a pressie. As a result I only have 2 everyday type bags, so thinking this will be good for shipping my knitting and the rest of my junk to work.
All winter I hunted for a cute black jersey dress with no luck - found this H&M one today for £2.50 - the original plan was to make it sleeveless but kinda liked it when I tried it on - even if it is 2 sizes too big (and my sewing machine has broken down again, faffy!)

Off to Glasgow tonight - Sean's having a knee op tomorrow morning and won't be able to walk for a fortnight or so (which he's obv thrilled about...) so I'm being the driver/caring girlfriend for the day - heard hospitals are rather boring so I'm going armed with knitting, books and my new Total Film!


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