Monday, 20 June 2011


More awesome awards, all from Scarlett! I'm feeling v touched right now hehe, especially since she has a totally awesome blog, go look, now!

Ok so I gotta pass these on to 5 lovely people...

...and now tell you 5 things about myself!

- I'm right handed

- but I eat crisps and put on make up with my left hand!

- I'm still avoiding shopping!

- I get the keys to my new flat in a week and haven't packed even one thing yet...

- I'm constantly torn between wanting to be a responsible adult with a job and my own place, or jacking it all in and doing something adventurous... Unfortunately my nature generally keeps me grounded in the first option - for now!



  1. Congrats on the much deserved awards ;o) Im off to check out your noms. I also love the fact you eat crisps and do make up left handed lol. Scarlett x

  2. Well done on the awards!

    A week is plenty of time to pack in - no need to rush ;-)

  3. Oh well done on your blog awards! And thank you lovely! I like that you eat crisps with your left hand! I'm left handed but do a lot only with my right!

  4. Congratulations on the awards and thank you so much for passing them on to me! I feel all special now :) xx


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