Friday, 3 June 2011


Finally a day off yesterday! Actually thot I was gonna destroy something on Tuesday, work was awful, crazy busy. Things looked up when I finished on Wednesday tho, Sean's off for 4 whole days and I have 3.5 off too (in 11 til 6 today then freedom!), so we get 5 whole nights and nearly 4 days together, loving it!

Yesterday we went a trip to the seaside (yes I grew up by the seaside and live by another one, but we went to a whole different place this time!) where we had pub lunch and played 2p machines and ate random flavoured ice creams - I had a caramel shortcake and one with peanuts and chocolate, was...interesting! The sun didn't come out until we were back at mine but was still a lovely day.

I'm a 2p machine expert and managed to win 3 keyrings with about £1, obviously I didn't waste my childhood summers!
Some people can skim stones, I'm not one of them...
This was taken where I actually live - we went a walk before the pub quiz. Isn't it gorgeous here?
And the best news is, as of next month I'll be living a couple of blocks to the left of those buildings in the background - I sign the new lease next week then I'm so close to being out of Scumville!


edit : I somehow just realised if you click on the pictures they appear much bigger, so if you want to actually see the details, click away!


  1. I love the 2p machines! Im also the grown up who pinches all the kiddy toys inside mwahaha! Scarlett x

  2. You lucky thing living by the seaside. Your weather looks glorious, I hope it lasts for your break and I'm thrilled to hear you're moving. xxx

  3. That caramel shortcake ice cream sounds quite nice! Oh and 2p machines rock - the most fun you can have with a handful of coppers (of the coinage variety!)

  4. Fab action shot of the stone skimmage! You look gorgeous as always, great to hear you're moving - I really must pull my finger out on that front... enjoy your time off xx

  5. Ooh you're moving? Excellent! It looks gorgeous.

    That icecream sounds like quite something.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend hun.


  6. Looks like you had a lovely time :D Good luck with the move!

  7. Ah, 2p machines! Cute keyring. Glad you've been enjoying your time off x


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