Friday, 17 June 2011

An outfit and general hilarity

Finally wore my Disney duvet cover skirt! Only been lying about for like a month haha! Went to Sean's on Wednesday for a couple of days of being chauffeur/concerned girlfriend after the knee op. It's healing up well, altho I'm not sharing pics of it - got a glimpse under one of the plasters yesterday and there was a STAPLE there! Bleugh! Yes I'm squeamish, how did you guess?!

Sean took my pics for a change, in the setting of his fun bedroom - check out the memory wall in the second pic! :)
Cardi - M&S Outlet
Top - M&S sale
Skirt - handmade
Belt - charity shop
Wedges - Topshop

A Sean outfit! Plotting how to pinch this hoodie....

Crazy faces!

Some randomness - I was being Sean's support pole in this one, the crutches having been discarded somewhere...
Oh and just to prove the clumsiness I'm always talking about, here's a pic of my lovely knees after I took a tumble outside my flat on Wednesday - right before going to Asda then Glasgow, great timing! I swear the pavement came up to trip me! Or someone up there thought I wasn't feeling enough Sean sympathy haha. At least the fact my flat is surrounded by eh, other flats, means I most likely gave someone a good laugh. Anyway, cue a flurry of wet wipes and sitting in Asda loo with blood running down my legs, gah!

Anyone else done anything daft this week? Or just me...?



  1. That skirt is so amazing, looks fab! Im always doing something daft, fail to get embarassed any more ;o) Scarlett x Ooh and you got award from me for a couple of posts ago, forgot to tell my nominees :o)

  2. I LOVE this skirt!! What a beautiful shape...and of course the print is pretty wonderful! I made a dress out of an old bambi duvet cover a couple of years back! Xx

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  4. That skirt looks brilliant on you, such a great make.
    I had 30 staples after my hip replacement, the mere thought of them made me feel queasy but the scar is so neat. x

  5. You look brill in your duvet skirt, I feel all inspired! x

  6. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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