Friday, 24 June 2011

An outfit and some new old shoes

Ah today was fun, had another palaver at the bank plus I've been sewing since tea time - making a dress for a wedding I'm going to, but Sean's not allowed to see yet so I'll share nearer the time!

So I started the day with this outfit...
Blouse - charity shop
Dress - Topshop Tall
Tights - DPs
Shoes - charity shop

...but something didn't quite feel right, so I switched to a dress I unearthed in my sewing pile - its a little big but thats what belts are for right? I got it on the kickass 10p table months ago, its another vintage M&S item (man I love that store!) and is apparently a petite fit - first time I've ever worn petite I think! :P

Ok so the belt was also a bit big - solved this problem by tying it!
I picked up these sandals on my bargain hunting mission yesterday (photos coming soon!). At £4 and a bit worn they weren't exactly a steal but the little wedge and the goldness swayed me! Bought them right after a fall style Laura Ashley skirt, my brain doesn't know what season it is!

Thanks for all the book recs on the previous post, keep them coming!


1 comment:

  1. Those shoes are perfect for that dress, and can't wait to see the finished dress for the wedding! x


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