Thursday, 9 June 2011

An outfit and some sneaky bargains...

Another day at Mother's! Got my hair cut this morning then had a 2 hour stint in the bank trying to change all my accounts (was almost successfully done!). Sneaked into the 2 local charity shops on way home - got pretty much £5 to last next 2 weeks after picking up a couple of goodies, but its all good, I'll make it work hehe!

Found this jumper in the whites pile of my laundry basket - turns out I bought it 2 months ago, shows how often I do a white wash! Also feel like I should have shown this skirt on here before, it's been one of my fave wardrobe items lately.
M&S jumper - charity shop
Vintage skirt - charity shop
Belt - Target
Shoes - Topshop

Had a very awesome lunch involving pasta (what else!) and DVD watching
Found this cute M&S vest in a £1 box at charity shop
Got this cool retro bag from the £1 bag box next to the top one! Here's a thing - I'm fussy about bags, like I doubt anyone could pick one I'd like if they were buying me a pressie. As a result I only have 2 everyday type bags, so thinking this will be good for shipping my knitting and the rest of my junk to work.
All winter I hunted for a cute black jersey dress with no luck - found this H&M one today for £2.50 - the original plan was to make it sleeveless but kinda liked it when I tried it on - even if it is 2 sizes too big (and my sewing machine has broken down again, faffy!)

Off to Glasgow tonight - Sean's having a knee op tomorrow morning and won't be able to walk for a fortnight or so (which he's obv thrilled about...) so I'm being the driver/caring girlfriend for the day - heard hospitals are rather boring so I'm going armed with knitting, books and my new Total Film!



  1. I adore that spotty skirt and the bag is fab. Brilliant bargains.

    Good luck to Sean for his op x

  2. Beautiful jersey dress, and love the shoes in the first outfit. Sweet jumper too. Bargainous! Hope the op/ recovery go smoothly xxx

  3. Looks really pretty! I hate having to sort things out with banks/companies. They always seem to be against me and I'm always at the hands of an "admin error" !

  4. Definitely keep the sleeves on that H&M dress - it's gorgeous on you.

    Hope Sean's op goes well and that he's back on his feet soon.

  5. That jersey dress looks brilliant on you, definately keep the sleeves!
    Good luck to Sean (and wihing you lots of patience). xxx

  6. I love that polka dot skirt. You are totally rocking that dress too - great find. Good luck to Sean and to you being driver/carer. Scarlett x

  7. Love the skirt, it's gorgeous, such a nice cut. I don't like having to sort things out at banks though!

  8. Lovely skirt, you always find the best bargains! I feel a charity shop trip coming on at lunchtime!

    Hope all goes well with Sean's op! xx

  9. That skirt is lovely... I always have so much trouble finding good skirts!

  10. love the sleevs on that dress, don't take them off!
    and i hope all goes ok at the hospital for Sean!


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