Saturday, 25 June 2011

Recent finds and bargains

Well I've been shopping for the first time in ages, once last week and again this week when I took a mad notion to hunt for a hat for the upcoming wedding - eventually found exactly what I was looking for on Etsy so lets hope it arrives in time! (and actually matches my outfit, that wouldn't hurt... :P) Here's a wee selection as promised, it's a pretty random mixture of summer and fall clothing, and yeah it's somehow all clothing this time around!
These items were all off the £1 rail - I know, more shorts! Kinda fell in love with the redness... But who knows when they'll get outside - it actually got warmer today but is currently raining, gotta love that Scottish indecisiveness!
These dresses I came across yesterday in my hometown, the floral one was £2 and the spotty one £1 - both a bit too big but I'll make it work! I'm kinda in love with the top one, makes me want to run around in a meadow and pick flowers...yeah...
This was another 10p table bargain, a 90s M&S blouse, thinking this may turn into a staple piece, I quite love oversizing and layering in the changing climates.
Another M&S piece, this time a Per Una crop vest, hardly worn from the looks of it, well it's about to be! Only £1.
Well this one wasn't a charity shop find but it was an amazing bargain - a Shock Absorber sports bra found in Debenhams sale for ..... £9! Plus I had a voucher so technically it cost me nothing haha. Guess it was a good thing I got distracted from spraying aftershave all over myself (Sean's birthday is coming up, I'm not just some random weirdo who likes to test men's fragrances! )


ps there seems to have been a problem with me receiving/posting comments but I think I'm up and running again!


  1. you get the best finds! I never come across what I want and its always expensive! Dresses from £6.99!!! Long gone are the bargains round my way. Love those long red shorts!

  2. I think it might be worth paying out petrol money for the drive up there, just so I can haunt these amazingly cheap charity shops you find! Even the more reasonably priced ones near me aren't that cheap anymore and there's certainly no hint of a £1 rail.

  3. Ooh we could do a Scotland charity shop meet up - followed by ice cream down the beach of course! :)

  4. Oh my, what absolute bargains!! Very jealous. Barely ever find things in charity shops for less than £3 these days down south.

  5. The dresses are utterly gorgeous and hell's bells the green tweedy suit is incredible!! Seriously coveting!!!!!

  6. Loving those dresses. They're like...war time chic. But in a good way.

  7. What a great haul! I love that green skirt with the matching waistcoat and those shorts look like they were made for you. My favourite though, has to be that spotty dress - I have a soft spot for spots!

  8. That tweed suit is just fabulous! It fits you like a dream, a sexy Miss Marple vibe going on there. x

  9. Those red bermuda shorts = perfection!

    I have a major crush.

    Yay for thrift shopping!

    Virginie ♥

  10. I LOVE those red shorts! what a bargain x


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