Sunday, 12 June 2011

A tip!

Have you ever been in desperate need of a lint roller but didn't have one handy? Well, the other day I realised if you wind some tape round you hand (sticky side up!) and attack your fluffy garments with it, it does the same job! Or you could just not wear a newly washed knit top to the hairdressers in the first place...


p.s thanks for all the well wishing re Sean's knee, he was v touched! Everything went well so this time next year he should be back playing football - unless he actually learns a lesson!


  1. I like sticky mitts from Lakeland for defluffing myself. Living in the same house as a ginger cat, something of that variety is an essential!

  2. I use the Sellotape method, too. Like Alex, sharing a house with two cats makes defluffing an essential part of dressing. xxx

  3. great tip - thanks for sharing x

  4. OR a wet rubber glove gathers up cat hair nicely :) Glad Sean is OK!


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