Friday, 29 July 2011

An outfit and another outfit....

Here's the last of my outfits from my glorious week off - back to work today, f***ing BOO as Sean would say... ;)  The nice weather mostly held out so I was in shorts for like 3 days, which actually served to remind me I am not a 'capsule wardrobe' kind of a person - thinking I need a bigger weekend bag instead!
Blouse - charity shop
Shorts - charity shop
Sandals - H&M

Heart bracelet - found on beach...
Blue bangle - one of my first ever charity shop buys
Dress - charity shop

This dress is one of my faves - it did need a bit of hemming with the old sewing machine but was much improved afterwards!  Love how the buttons match the fabric, 80s-tastic!

Well as I said it's back to work in about half an hour, then off to Glasgow tonight - Sean's taking me for a fancy dinner tomorrow so I picked an extra swishy skirt to wear!  I'm also in the middle of flat cleaning, after avoiding the place the whole week I was off, so I'm only too happy to leave the mess and go be distracted by cinema, yummy food and teaching Sean how to sell on eBay!

Anyone going to the movies this weekend?  We're seeing Horrible Bosses and maybe Harry Potter (4th time, it'll be even better right? ;))


Thursday, 28 July 2011

An outfit with me and Betty...

Here's a nice summery outfit from the weekend. Well, 2 actually, since we went to take pics outside on Sunday and eh, someone may have forgotten to take the memory card out the laptop... Oops!  So Betty is modelling my fab blue dress and I'm wearing shorts for the first time this year - yeah!
Vintage dress - charity shop
Blouse - charity shop
Shorts - charity shop
Heels - M&S sale 

Ladybug necklace - Miss Selfridge sale
S charm - Accessorize sale

I was doing a bit of a capsule wardrobe last week so the blouse makes another appearance!  Also since Summer actually made an appearance I've hardly had these shoes off - comfy heels!  If you love the dress, I also picked up 2 others from the same range when I found this beauty, and they'll soon be for sale in my Etsy shop, which will be making a (possibly) grand appearance in the next week!

The letter necklace was one I eyed up for a while in Accessorize around Christmas, then it went into sale and there were no 'E's left, so thought since my boyfriend is named Sean I could plausibly buy an S... There's logic there somewhere!


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Alton Towers!

Friday was a weird kind of a day - one minute it was spitting, the next it was blazing sunshine.  We did luck out most of the day weather wise, although we didn't get there until just after the park opened, so the ticket queue was mobbed, not helped by a power cut... Seriously, we have back-up lighting at work, surely a theme park would have back-up power?!  Course the jakey family in front of us used this as an excuse to complain about the queue - I felt like saying 'You know you're going to Alton Towers right?'... 

Guess which ride I didn't go on...?

We got on to Air last, my fave ride, and as we were flying round it started raining.  Quite an interesting added element to the thrill ride!  Anyway by the time we got off, examined the picture (not good...) and bought juice, it was chucking down.  Conveniently, we were at the total opposite end of the park from the exit, so it was a mad dash/hide among trees whenever the rain appeared to go off a bit.  Half an hour later we were back in the car park with puddly shoes.  Not too tragic - until we couldn't find the car....  Seriously, it took more than 30 minutes of wandering EVERY ROW (and meeting 2 other groups doing the same!) before we realised that behind a clump of trees was...another car park.  And yes, there was the car.  If God gave us brains (or the ability to remember LOT G) we'd be dangerous...

Well after all the excitement of 'losing' the car, we went to an AWESOME waterpark along from the hotel to chill out.  You guys may not know this, but I live for fun swimming pools.  A few weeks ago Sean told me that the shopping centre I turn off at to get to his place has a wave pool behind it, I practically dragged him there the next day.  It was small but worth it.  This place was legendary - plus being Friday night they were having an Aqua Disco, which meant the sound of Katy Perry thumping in your ears while flying down flumes - loving it!  It was funny tho, I've never seen so many trying-to-act-cool tweens in one place, clearly it was the place to be in Stoke!  (won't add that when I spotted signs for it on Thursday night I got so overexcited that Alton Towers was temporarily overshadowed, hehe)

If anyone knows of another British waterpark that can beat this one I'm all ears!


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Make up help!

Ok here's the thing.  I've been wearing foundation only a few years, and have always went for Rimmel Recover make up, being that it doesn't make me break out.  But here's the thing - it's not actually all that great with my skin.  The coverage is rather rubbish and none of the shades properly match my skin tone.  

I have combination skin - very oily but annoyingly dry t-zone.  I also have a pretty uneven skin tone, although overall I'm rather pale I'd say.  I also get spots fairly regularly, this again depends on outside factors like what pill I'm on or whether I've managed to avoid the cheese shelf in the fridge.  So.... what the hell foundation should I be using?!  Any help from anyone, useful or not, would be much appreciated!


An outfit on the road...

Well here we are on the way to Alton Towers.  We drove a couple of hours then stopped for lunch, but by the time we were on the road another hour or so we were both falling asleep (not good for driving!) so we stopped and got some fresh hair and generally faffed about taking ridiculous pics for ten minutes - this method actually works, we were all refreshed and made it the rest of the way no bother!  My ability to just conk out in the middle of the day is not so good though, if I make it to being elderly I think I'll just spent all my time sleeping on the sofa....
Blouse - inherited from Granny
Jeans - DP Tall
Shoes - Topshop (wore these like 3 days in a row...)

Of course Red came along too!

Being mature is not our strong point... Plus Sean is now older than me (he gets that title for exactly 13 days between our birthdays!) so he should know better!  

We made it to Stoke around tea time and found a cheap B&B and some pub grub, so we refuelled then watched rubbish on tv, before attempting an early night in preparation for our day of FUN on Friday.  It was an adventure for sure...Details tomorrow!


Monday, 25 July 2011

An outfit and a holiday...

So... I tried to post these last week and my net/laptop/Blogger was having none of it, so got some catching up to do!  This outfit is from Wednesday, taken after I finished work for a glorious week off - our week starts on a Friday but I don't usually work Thursdays so managed to blag an extra day, yay!  
Top - charity shop
Vintage skirt - charity shop
Shoes - Topshop
Hairband & bracelet - H&M

I found this bracelet years ago and fell a bit in love - its been worn so much its gone tarnished, oops...
Top is one of my £1 bargains from the last post - all tags were cut off tho so no idea where its from, not loving the mystery factor!
Ah, one of my fave pairs of shoes - when I was little all I wanted was a pair of gold ballet pumps (and loafers weirdly) but I had/have really narrow feet so could only have shoes with straps.  Flash forward to about 6 years ago and I found the perfect pair in Topshop, wore them to death and finally replaced them with these - they just go with everything and get bonus points for comfort, I just chose to ignore how very flat they are... ;)

Well I ended up at Sean's after getting out of work and we went a road trip for a couple of days - didn't have an actual plan but (rather surprisingly) I caved to Sean's desperation to go to Alton Towers, so there should be some pics of our adventures up tomorrow!


Friday, 15 July 2011


So the other day I mentioned having been shopping, and here's what I got!  One of the charity shops was having a half price sale on everything (think they're having a refit and not shutting down...I hope!), so I picked up 2 dresses, got a vintage 60s dress and 2 tops on my fave £1 rail, a Limited Collection top/dress with the longest sleeves ever (perfect for me!) and a black lace body for 50 lovely pennies.
Oh and then I accidentally bought some books - but I've behaved for so long so was rewarding myself haha!  2 weird things happened though - the other day I was talking to Sean's pal about how I wanted to read The Hobbit before the movie came out, found a copy in the library book sale for 10p!  Then afterwards, I'd gathered up a lovely pile of chunky books in my fave charity shop when I came across the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice for £2 - only the day before I meant to put it on my rental list since it occurred to me I'd never seen it.  The charity shop gods were smiling on me apparently!  Hoping the knitting book will help me learn some new techniques - double pointed and cable needles have always baffled me so fingers crossed I'll be a pro soon!

Anyone else snag an awesome bargain lately?


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Summer vs Fall

So, I don't know about everyone else, but summer bums me out a bit.  I mean, I seem to spent so LONG waiting for the temperatures to become more agreeable and the rain to stop falling, or even just for the sun to shine for a while on a day when I'm actually off work.  But in reality, I'm not a summer person, despite being born right in the middle of it (huh, maybe that's why!).  Because here's the thing(s);

- I like cardigans. In fact I LOVE cardigans, they go with everything.  Except 20+ degree heat...

-I also love snuggly jumpers and long pj bottoms, they're my comfort clothes.

- Tights I adore too - no obsessing about my weird knees or trying to remember when I last epilated my legs.

- Now its great that I don't have to plan my footwear around how easily it slips around on the ice, but I'm not so much comfortable in sandals. And flip flops?  Great around the house, but who wants their feet that close to pavement?  Not me.

- Also vests - this week its been vest weather for sure, but when you have pretty muscular arms thanks to lifting film reels on a daily basis, and thick bra straps that M&S insist on putting on their DD range (my boobies are bigger than they look apparently!), strappy vests make me look like a frumpy granny.

- Oh and I'm pale skinned, so its either slap on the sticky shiny suncream or stay out the sun.  I'm sure you can guess which option this (lazy ass) girl goes for...

Basically the point of this...pondering (not moaning, pfft I don't moan...) is that my outfit today turned out half summery, half autumnal.  I picked up this 90s Laura Ashley skirt last week for £1.50 and really fancied wearing it.  Once again I'm wearing a slightly longer length, think my taste is changing slightly, I rather liked the feeling of it swishing about my legs as I walked to work (to preview Harry Potter 7.2!!!!! More details below...).  Then of course I had to add practical summery items, but couldn't resist a cardi!  Yes I stewed a bit on the way - damn my phone for telling me it was 8 degrees....
Long Tall Sally cardi
Charity shop Per Una vest
Charity shop Laura Ashley skirt
H&M sandals

Claires bracelet (v v old!)
The Office wristband


Yes, I saw the new Harry Potter movie this morning.  The very last one.  This was THE movie I'd been waiting for all year, and by God it was utterly worth it!  There were 4 of us in and we pretty much cried our way through - the Snape/Lily story was particularly well done, and the book was reasonably faithfully followed, always a direct factor in my enjoyment of a Harry Potter film (the fourth one obviously being the least watched by me then, what a giant ass mess that turned out to be...).  It was completely dark though, no funny quips or hilarious mishaps - this was a pretty good choice I reckon, don't think Ron being a smart ass would have fitted in with the overall tone this time!  The one tiny downside was, as ever, watching the cogs turn in Daniel Radcliffe's head as he tries to act.  (Hey I criticise, but I had the Woman in Black trailer on as soon as we got it in the other day!  Side note - it looks INTENSE!)  The rest of the cast were as amazing as ever, if a bit overlooked in the midst of the Harry-Voldemort show.  But look out for the scene in the vault, its incredibly well done.  Also I may now have to put aside my dream of watching every Nicholas Cage movie in favour of Alan Rickman's past catalogue...Man that guy can act!

So in case I haven't spelled it out enough, it was a 5 star effort in my book - you should know I'm very stingy with my stars so this is definitely up there even higher than my previous Best Films of the Year (Submarine and Thor in case you're wondering ;))  Should be watching it again tomorrow night at work (6pm til 3am shift, one is not impressed!) then at Imax on Saturday with Sean - can't wait!

Anyone else going to see the Movie of my Year this weekend?  Leave me your review!


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

An outfit and a recommendation...

Topshop hoodie
H&M cami
Mum's skirt from 1986
Charity shop sandals
Charity shop necklace

Sorry guys, super quick post today, gotta go help Sean find his way to my new flat in like 2 mins!  Anyway this is what I wore to go shopping today - picked up some bargains that I'll be sharing soon!  My hair is currently trying to make its way to being long again, its an arduous process, especially in summer time - its suddenly gone all hot and sticky here, looks like my hoodies from last week are resigned to the back of the door for now!  So being one of these people easily brainwashed by colourful tv ads, I picked up some Spin Pins.  Anyone heard of these?  They promise to do the work of 20 bobby pins!  Well I scoffed and bought some anyway.  And would you know it, they actually work!  Held my hair all day and even through part of my run at the gym - no mean feat for thick layered hair!  

Btw I realise I sound like an advertisement - no-one has paid me to say this stuff, I'm just not easily impressed usually!

Right I'm off to soak up the last rays of the day, have a good night everyone!


Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Wedding...

First of all - here's the dress!  Unfortunately, try as I might, I could not get a decent pic of it all day, so you may have to use your imaginations a bit!  I wore it with this hat I got from Etsy and it went perfectly - the seller was amazing too, it was posted so quickly at my request!

Me and Sean after the ceremony - hardly saw him the whole day since he was on best man duties but managed to sneak a nice pic of us when he finally arrived at the reception venue! (I hung with his friends at the church then afterwards we ate cereal bars in the car and I navigated us perfectly to the hotel - this was pre champagne of course!)

Don't the guys look smart? (eh well, dress wise!)

The favours were funny shaped thingies that were to something do with New Zealand...we found better uses after a glass or 5 of free alcohol...

Got a bit steamy later on!

Annoyingly none of my pics of the couple turned out, so here's the groom on the right, you can make up an image of the bride!  (she was wearing a standard fitted ruched ivory dress if that helps!)
Later on, when much drink had been consumed and we were kicked off the dance floor, instead of going to bed we had a few more drinks and my phone txting switched itself to Dutch somehow.  Probably for the best...

Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend!


Thursday, 7 July 2011

More dress clues...

I used a combination of these 2 patterns and some vintage fabric from the giant donation I received in February :)
But I'm moderning it up with DP heels and an M&S oversize clutch (stuffed with cereal bars - long time to wait between meals!)


Monday, 4 July 2011

Weekend outfit and a sneak peek...

Another weekend in Glasgow, altho I stayed home most of Saturday to finish my dress for the wedding on Thursday.  Got it done AND my hat finally turned up this morning so it's all coming together!  

Sean's parents had a BBQ on Saturday night so I dressed for the nice weather while trying to find something to cover the mega bruise - turns out a lot of the skirts I own are shorter than I thought!  I picked this dress up on a charity shop £1 rail a while ago and swithered about keeping it - its a really great fit but the style is not very me, this may be the longest skirt I possess!  Teamed it with an H&M blazer I bought years ago after being delighted at it only being £15, and its been worn pretty consistently ever since.
Blazer - H&M
Dress - charity shop
Belt - charity shop
Heels - New Look sale

Bought this sunhat last summer from Matalan and it's still not been worn - by the time I reached Glasgow the clouds had rolled in!  My fave H&M sunglasses also proved useless, grr...
Here's a sneak peek at part of my wedding attire - the petticoat!  Ridiculously easy to make but took bloody ages - basically I took an old slip and gathered up lengths of netting and sewed it on at various intervals - I started at the bottom and worked my way up, but I think it would have worked top to bottom too.  Cant wait to wear it - I was swishing about in the dress for ages on Saturday!
(its just taken me ages to do this cause once again Blogger has changed things and I now cant seem to move pics about...faffy...)

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