Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Alton Towers!

Friday was a weird kind of a day - one minute it was spitting, the next it was blazing sunshine.  We did luck out most of the day weather wise, although we didn't get there until just after the park opened, so the ticket queue was mobbed, not helped by a power cut... Seriously, we have back-up lighting at work, surely a theme park would have back-up power?!  Course the jakey family in front of us used this as an excuse to complain about the queue - I felt like saying 'You know you're going to Alton Towers right?'... 

Guess which ride I didn't go on...?

We got on to Air last, my fave ride, and as we were flying round it started raining.  Quite an interesting added element to the thrill ride!  Anyway by the time we got off, examined the picture (not good...) and bought juice, it was chucking down.  Conveniently, we were at the total opposite end of the park from the exit, so it was a mad dash/hide among trees whenever the rain appeared to go off a bit.  Half an hour later we were back in the car park with puddly shoes.  Not too tragic - until we couldn't find the car....  Seriously, it took more than 30 minutes of wandering EVERY ROW (and meeting 2 other groups doing the same!) before we realised that behind a clump of trees was...another car park.  And yes, there was the car.  If God gave us brains (or the ability to remember LOT G) we'd be dangerous...

Well after all the excitement of 'losing' the car, we went to an AWESOME waterpark along from the hotel to chill out.  You guys may not know this, but I live for fun swimming pools.  A few weeks ago Sean told me that the shopping centre I turn off at to get to his place has a wave pool behind it, I practically dragged him there the next day.  It was small but worth it.  This place was legendary - plus being Friday night they were having an Aqua Disco, which meant the sound of Katy Perry thumping in your ears while flying down flumes - loving it!  It was funny tho, I've never seen so many trying-to-act-cool tweens in one place, clearly it was the place to be in Stoke!  (won't add that when I spotted signs for it on Thursday night I got so overexcited that Alton Towers was temporarily overshadowed, hehe)

If anyone knows of another British waterpark that can beat this one I'm all ears!



  1. Argh! Ever since I went to the most amazeballs waterpark in France in 2009 I've developed an obsession with them, but I've never actually been to one in the UK, I'm terrified that they won't live up to my expectations!

    Have you been to the one in Blackpool? I saw it when we were at the Pleasure Beach and was intrigued but don't know if it's rubbish.

  2. Actually I just looked that one up, its my next target! Weirdly we went to Blackpool tons when I was a kid and somehow never got to the waterpark :)

  3. I went to one in Greece but none here. such fun!

  4. i've never been to a water park in this country only in Spain, where i think it's better as you don't get so cold between rides.

  5. I love alton towers, me and hubby get an annual pass for all the parks each year so we take a trip up there for some thrills - although this year with little man we havent been there yet... Scarlett x

  6. It peed down last time I was Alton Towers too, to the point where I wanted to abandon the whole thing and go home - and I'm a theme park junkie!

    Hate water parks though, don't like getting my head under!! (Yes I'm one of those women who bob along doing the breast stroke with their chin out of the water!)


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