Friday, 1 July 2011

Moving day...

I've moved, yay!  So while its been a bit quiet in blogland over here, I've been packing and lifting many many many boxes!  Who knew I owned so much STUFF?!  Never again, next time I have to move I'll just donate half my possessions, am hurting big time today thanks to all the lifting, mostly by myself since a lot of people I know actually have normal jobs and therefore aren't free to piss about helping me move on a Thursday.  But it all went relatively smoothly I'm pleased to say.  Hired 2 guys with a van to move the furniture then I did all the boxes, although I kindly left the book boxes for when my bro showed up later hehe.  
Here's how guys pile furniture into a rather spacious living room...
This is only a small portion of what I moved...
Woke up to this earlier - may have dropped a TV on myself yesterday...Ah the stupidity never ends around me!

Today was back to work - early starts for next couple of months thanks to school holidays, so I didn't have time to preview Larry Crowne, shame, I coulda done with a nap!  After last weeks Transformers 3 3D fiasco tho, I was grateful for the avoidance! (Worst Michael Bay film EVER!  No storyline & far too long)

Hopefully everyone will be having fun in the sun this weekend - I'm heading to Glasgow tomorrow, apparently not with shorts on as I'd previously hoped!



  1. Ouch! That's some bruise! Hope you're settling in nicely.

  2. Ha I'm the same, you start off with boxes and eventually run out and everything inevitably ends up in carrier bags! Ouch to the bruise, but hey at least you're an Independent Woman ;) x

  3. Impressed with that bruise! Hope the unpacking and settling in goes ok!

  4. I'm saving the Kermode and Mayo review of Transformers for my train journey tomorrow. I sense it may be a fairly epic rant. My thoughts on seeing the trailer for the film were "well that looks like a giant bag of wank."

    Bravo on the move (excellent work in leaving the books for your brother to move btw!). Hopefully now it's time for the fun stuff like deciding where everything goes.

  5. I hope you'll be very happy in your new pad! That bruise looks nasty, I've done the same today, hope it's gone before I feel the need to get my hotpants on again. x


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