Monday, 25 July 2011

An outfit and a holiday...

So... I tried to post these last week and my net/laptop/Blogger was having none of it, so got some catching up to do!  This outfit is from Wednesday, taken after I finished work for a glorious week off - our week starts on a Friday but I don't usually work Thursdays so managed to blag an extra day, yay!  
Top - charity shop
Vintage skirt - charity shop
Shoes - Topshop
Hairband & bracelet - H&M

I found this bracelet years ago and fell a bit in love - its been worn so much its gone tarnished, oops...
Top is one of my £1 bargains from the last post - all tags were cut off tho so no idea where its from, not loving the mystery factor!
Ah, one of my fave pairs of shoes - when I was little all I wanted was a pair of gold ballet pumps (and loafers weirdly) but I had/have really narrow feet so could only have shoes with straps.  Flash forward to about 6 years ago and I found the perfect pair in Topshop, wore them to death and finally replaced them with these - they just go with everything and get bonus points for comfort, I just chose to ignore how very flat they are... ;)

Well I ended up at Sean's after getting out of work and we went a road trip for a couple of days - didn't have an actual plan but (rather surprisingly) I caved to Sean's desperation to go to Alton Towers, so there should be some pics of our adventures up tomorrow!



  1. That outfit really suits you, that pretty blue colour is just gorgeous.
    Alton Towers? That's my neck of the woods and I've never been, shocking huh? x

  2. i love this skirt - wanT!!
    i haven't been to alton towers for a few yrs now, i always think it will be great, and then get to the queues and wonder why i wanted to go. a bit like a trip to ikea.

  3. That skirt is just fabulous! I love Alton Towers, there's just never enough time to get round all the rides...maybe I'm just a dawdler!x

  4. Love your outfit. I would ignore the flatness of shoes for the prettiness too, hope they aren't too painful xxx

  5. Love that top! You looks lovely. Looking forward to pics of the road trip :o) Scarlett x

  6. Nice top, its a lovely print and looks great with that fab skirt!

  7. Nice top, its a lovely print and looks great with that fab skirt!

  8. Hi, followed over from Vix's blog. I love your outfit and funny but I've been thinking of adding something shiny to my wardrobe. I was thinking gold sandals but ballet slippers would work!


  9. I love mystery clothing. I have a dress I bought from New Life which is missing all labels but it's so nicely made. I wish I know where it was from but the ongoing mystery is intriguing.

  10. Mysterious blouse rocks! I really like how you combined it with the aquamarine polka dot skirt. You look awesome! I also wanted to add that I love the selection of books you 'accidentally bought' (will need to use that phrase more often) in the last post.

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  11. So jealous, I haven't been to Alton Towers in so long and I love it!!

    You've given me an idea about this running malarkey, I might borrow my housemate's inhaler and take it with me when I run, then I'll feel like I have an excuse if I need to stop - I can pretend I have asthma!

  12. Love that skirt more and more every time you wear it :) Looking forward to hearing about your Alton adventures x

  13. I love this outfit! ; ) And I actually know which pair of six year old gold Topshop shoes you mean--I bought them for my sister for a birthday present, and she wore them until they fell apart too. I think she might still wear them as slippers! ; )

  14. ohh, your skirt and shirt combo are just lovely! this is definitely one of my favourite outfits of yours :)



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