Wednesday, 13 July 2011

An outfit and a recommendation...

Topshop hoodie
H&M cami
Mum's skirt from 1986
Charity shop sandals
Charity shop necklace

Sorry guys, super quick post today, gotta go help Sean find his way to my new flat in like 2 mins!  Anyway this is what I wore to go shopping today - picked up some bargains that I'll be sharing soon!  My hair is currently trying to make its way to being long again, its an arduous process, especially in summer time - its suddenly gone all hot and sticky here, looks like my hoodies from last week are resigned to the back of the door for now!  So being one of these people easily brainwashed by colourful tv ads, I picked up some Spin Pins.  Anyone heard of these?  They promise to do the work of 20 bobby pins!  Well I scoffed and bought some anyway.  And would you know it, they actually work!  Held my hair all day and even through part of my run at the gym - no mean feat for thick layered hair!  

Btw I realise I sound like an advertisement - no-one has paid me to say this stuff, I'm just not easily impressed usually!

Right I'm off to soak up the last rays of the day, have a good night everyone!



  1. You look lovely, I want your skirt and necklace :-) xxx

  2. You look fabulous! So going to check out the Spin Pins :o) Scarlett x

  3. love your skirt, great vintage piece. It sounds like I NEED some of those pins.

  4. You look lovely, gorgeous dress and lovely necklace! Thank you for the kind comment on my blog, the fries necklace is super cute - it's really small aswell so enough to make people smile, but small enough to not feel silly wearing it! :)

  5. Those pins look like something one could easlily injure oneself with!

    Lovely skirt, remarkably like something I have planned in my little brain, which will come to fruition probably never!

  6. I read about these on another blog and loved the sound of them, nothing holds my hair. x

  7. i love your photos! i so want to try that spin pin xx


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