Thursday, 28 July 2011

An outfit with me and Betty...

Here's a nice summery outfit from the weekend. Well, 2 actually, since we went to take pics outside on Sunday and eh, someone may have forgotten to take the memory card out the laptop... Oops!  So Betty is modelling my fab blue dress and I'm wearing shorts for the first time this year - yeah!
Vintage dress - charity shop
Blouse - charity shop
Shorts - charity shop
Heels - M&S sale 

Ladybug necklace - Miss Selfridge sale
S charm - Accessorize sale

I was doing a bit of a capsule wardrobe last week so the blouse makes another appearance!  Also since Summer actually made an appearance I've hardly had these shoes off - comfy heels!  If you love the dress, I also picked up 2 others from the same range when I found this beauty, and they'll soon be for sale in my Etsy shop, which will be making a (possibly) grand appearance in the next week!

The letter necklace was one I eyed up for a while in Accessorize around Christmas, then it went into sale and there were no 'E's left, so thought since my boyfriend is named Sean I could plausibly buy an S... There's logic there somewhere!



  1. oh i love both of these, and i love to stalk the accessorize sale too - by the time the sale comes around most of the things i have had my eye on have gone, but hey ho ,thats always the way.

  2. those shorts look great! I have never found the pair of shorts I'm after but these looks pretty close. Comfy heels are so hard to find, you struck it lucky!

  3. Those shorts look wonderful, hurrah for summer. x

  4. My mannequin is called Betty too! Sadly she has no head though. The dress is gorgeous! Very jealous of that find.


  5. that red skirt is so pretty!!

  6. Betty wears it well! What a gorgeous dress.


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