Thursday, 14 July 2011

Summer vs Fall

So, I don't know about everyone else, but summer bums me out a bit.  I mean, I seem to spent so LONG waiting for the temperatures to become more agreeable and the rain to stop falling, or even just for the sun to shine for a while on a day when I'm actually off work.  But in reality, I'm not a summer person, despite being born right in the middle of it (huh, maybe that's why!).  Because here's the thing(s);

- I like cardigans. In fact I LOVE cardigans, they go with everything.  Except 20+ degree heat...

-I also love snuggly jumpers and long pj bottoms, they're my comfort clothes.

- Tights I adore too - no obsessing about my weird knees or trying to remember when I last epilated my legs.

- Now its great that I don't have to plan my footwear around how easily it slips around on the ice, but I'm not so much comfortable in sandals. And flip flops?  Great around the house, but who wants their feet that close to pavement?  Not me.

- Also vests - this week its been vest weather for sure, but when you have pretty muscular arms thanks to lifting film reels on a daily basis, and thick bra straps that M&S insist on putting on their DD range (my boobies are bigger than they look apparently!), strappy vests make me look like a frumpy granny.

- Oh and I'm pale skinned, so its either slap on the sticky shiny suncream or stay out the sun.  I'm sure you can guess which option this (lazy ass) girl goes for...

Basically the point of this...pondering (not moaning, pfft I don't moan...) is that my outfit today turned out half summery, half autumnal.  I picked up this 90s Laura Ashley skirt last week for £1.50 and really fancied wearing it.  Once again I'm wearing a slightly longer length, think my taste is changing slightly, I rather liked the feeling of it swishing about my legs as I walked to work (to preview Harry Potter 7.2!!!!! More details below...).  Then of course I had to add practical summery items, but couldn't resist a cardi!  Yes I stewed a bit on the way - damn my phone for telling me it was 8 degrees....
Long Tall Sally cardi
Charity shop Per Una vest
Charity shop Laura Ashley skirt
H&M sandals

Claires bracelet (v v old!)
The Office wristband


Yes, I saw the new Harry Potter movie this morning.  The very last one.  This was THE movie I'd been waiting for all year, and by God it was utterly worth it!  There were 4 of us in and we pretty much cried our way through - the Snape/Lily story was particularly well done, and the book was reasonably faithfully followed, always a direct factor in my enjoyment of a Harry Potter film (the fourth one obviously being the least watched by me then, what a giant ass mess that turned out to be...).  It was completely dark though, no funny quips or hilarious mishaps - this was a pretty good choice I reckon, don't think Ron being a smart ass would have fitted in with the overall tone this time!  The one tiny downside was, as ever, watching the cogs turn in Daniel Radcliffe's head as he tries to act.  (Hey I criticise, but I had the Woman in Black trailer on as soon as we got it in the other day!  Side note - it looks INTENSE!)  The rest of the cast were as amazing as ever, if a bit overlooked in the midst of the Harry-Voldemort show.  But look out for the scene in the vault, its incredibly well done.  Also I may now have to put aside my dream of watching every Nicholas Cage movie in favour of Alan Rickman's past catalogue...Man that guy can act!

So in case I haven't spelled it out enough, it was a 5 star effort in my book - you should know I'm very stingy with my stars so this is definitely up there even higher than my previous Best Films of the Year (Submarine and Thor in case you're wondering ;))  Should be watching it again tomorrow night at work (6pm til 3am shift, one is not impressed!) then at Imax on Saturday with Sean - can't wait!

Anyone else going to see the Movie of my Year this weekend?  Leave me your review!



  1. I love the colour of your cardigan! I'm the same, I wait for summer then don't actually like it all that much, too much peeled skin and flesh


  2. Im not a summer person too, its nice to have the lighter evenings but i love cardi's too much and i hate my arms so when its hot it gets tricky! Scarlett x

  3. I'm the opposite, I loathe winter. I hate wearing woolies, tights, coats and scarves, that's why I fly off to India for a couple of months during the British winter.
    I was born in winter so maybe we all hate the season we were born in. x

  4. I didn't read the HP spoiler.
    I really love summer and spring and autumn, but winter is spent wrapped in many layers just trying to stay warm enough. I do enjoy jumpers and cardis though. I need to always be warm!

  5. Shoe twinsie!

    This outfit is great, I love how you styled them :)

    Virginie ♥

  6. totally digging the length and print of this skirt. Youve styled it well.

    Helen, X

  7. Pretty skirt, I like it with the stripes :)

  8. The skirt is lovely and very romantic. I've just bought Laura Ashley hat on ebay so I'm looking forward to it.
    Well, I'm a summer person when the criterion is fashion taste. I love summer dresses:) But I'm always looking forward to the next season. When the summer is slightly ending, I'm looking forward to the autumn's colours, to dark evenings when you can listen to swing music, when it's raining and cold outside and you're sitting with your blanket, book, cat or dog, maybe with your beloved, listening to some nice music and drinking something hot (and it doesn't matter if it's tea or cocoa or coffee), the autumn is perfect...
    I don't like autumn when I have to wait for a bus for a long time or when I have to study:))
    But I love thinking about christmas presents and that's my autumn activity no.1, it begins in September and ends on Christmas Day:)
    But I like cardigans and jerseys as well.
    I have to buy some nice knitted vest for this autumn!

  9. Love your skirt!
    I went to the HP midnight screening, it was really good but I'm definitely going to have to go and see it again x


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