Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Wedding...

First of all - here's the dress!  Unfortunately, try as I might, I could not get a decent pic of it all day, so you may have to use your imaginations a bit!  I wore it with this hat I got from Etsy and it went perfectly - the seller was amazing too, it was posted so quickly at my request!

Me and Sean after the ceremony - hardly saw him the whole day since he was on best man duties but managed to sneak a nice pic of us when he finally arrived at the reception venue! (I hung with his friends at the church then afterwards we ate cereal bars in the car and I navigated us perfectly to the hotel - this was pre champagne of course!)

Don't the guys look smart? (eh well, dress wise!)

The favours were funny shaped thingies that were to something do with New Zealand...we found better uses after a glass or 5 of free alcohol...

Got a bit steamy later on!

Annoyingly none of my pics of the couple turned out, so here's the groom on the right, you can make up an image of the bride!  (she was wearing a standard fitted ruched ivory dress if that helps!)
Later on, when much drink had been consumed and we were kicked off the dance floor, instead of going to bed we had a few more drinks and my phone txting switched itself to Dutch somehow.  Probably for the best...

Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend!



  1. Elise, you're my hero - that dress is truly truly amazing! Well done, hope you got loads of compliments! I love that you found the exact match in nail varnish too :)

    Ah all the menfolk in their kilts! I would love to go to a Scottish wedding! xx

  2. love love love your dress! you look beautiful! The shoes go so well too. I am terrible for taking photos, none of mine ever come out right...

  3. You're a bloody genius! The dress is amazing, looks beautiful on you.

  4. Oh my God, IT'S AMAZING! Totally gorgeous, and so unique! I love it, I love it xx

  5. That is a gorgeous dress, love the colour x

  6. You look absolutely beautiful in that stunning dress, you are a genius. x

  7. That dress is so beautiful! And how tiny is your waist please? I'm way behind so I think I may have missed something - did you make it yourself?

    ps - I want that hat. ENVY!

  8. Gorgeous dress!

    Looks like a lot of fun :)

    Virginie ♥

  9. That is the most gorgeous dress! x

  10. Wow. Amazing dress. I'm on the hunt for a dress to wear to a wedding at the moment. I want this one!


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