Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Birthday outfits - his and hers edition!

Here's my birthday outfit!  Well technically its my last-day-of-being-25 outfit, since we went to dinner and a movie on Saturday night, and I always hear that plan as 'you get to dress up all pretty'... I'm entirely in thrifted gear here too, seem to do that unconsciously a lot.  Fun story about my bag tho - my gran got it to go to my mum's wedding, which was exactly 3 years before I was born (happy anniversary for my parents!).  There's also a good chance she didn't use it much after that cause it's in fab condition.  Love clothing with a story!
Blouse - charity shop
Vintage skirt - charity shop
Slip - charity shop
BN Nine West shoes - charity shop (£3!)
Bag - inherited from Granny
Thought these pics were kinda cool so left them unedited.
Bracelet was also inherited, from my mum this time - you'd never know I was careful with the pennies would you?!
Sean wears an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt, his fave (and possible only pair of) jeans and his Jim face...(we love The Office a bit!)

The shirt has a REINDEER on it!
Red didn't fit in my bag and therefore couldn't enjoy Italian food and 'Beginners' at the cinema...He was gutted obviously.

Ok I'm done with the birthday talk, I'm off to plan some 'mature' activities for the next 2 days - starting with eBay selling, ugh my fave...



  1. love your blouse and skirt, you wear vintage so well! My grans have no cool vintage stuff, so unfair! You two look lovely together x

  2. That skirt is absolutely fantastic! And I love it when clothes or accessories have a story, one of my favourite things about vintage/ secondhand.

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday x

  3. Oh that skirt is amazing.

    What did you think of Beginners? I went to see it tonight.

  4. Love the story behind your bag :) You look gorgesou as always and Sean is very dapper too.

    Had an email this morning from LoveFilm to say Submarine is on its way! Yay!

  5. Hope you had a nice birthday, I LOVE when I'm wearing an entirely thrifted outfit, I feel so pleased with myself! Looks great.


  6. A belated happy birthday! Hope you had a fabulous time. Great outfit, love the story behind the bag!
    Hope you've managed some mature activities ;o) Scarlett x


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