Friday, 26 August 2011

Book vs Movie - One Day

I have a new series!  When asked for suggestions on features for my blog, one anonymous reader asked for more movie reviews - this had also entered my head, since I watch a lot of movies - you know, being a projectionist and all... (although contrary to VERY popular belief, no I don't watch every show of every movie every day... How is it people think that's possible?!) Although lately, I've also been reading a lot - ok I always read a lot, but thanks to everyone buying me books for my birthday and my laptop being on the blink, a good book and a nice cup of tea has been the way to go during downtime at work.  
With One Day however, a 'good' book may be an overstatement...  Funny story here, since I'm sure you've noticed I seem to have 2 copies of the same book.  Sean bought the copy on the right forever ago when we were doing our 'wandering in Waterstones' routine, and through some eh, gentle prodding, managed to finish it in time for me to read it before the movie release.  Well the next day I went into work, only to find my friend Foof (yes, the one and only!) had in fact bought me it for Christmas!  Yes, I'm aware it's August...  We don't see each other very often!  So I'm calling it a birthday present.  What's that saying about buses again...  Sigh.  

Anyway, Sean finished it in a matter of days, loved it, and apparently my pal thought it was a 'me' book, so I dived right in.  And swiftly sunk.  Eh, I'm really not sure why this book is a big deal.  Have I missed something?  Why is everyone raving about it?!  It's nothing I've not read before, if only in a slightly different format - yeah, the 'one day' thing?  Irritating.  I won't post any spoilers, but it turns out exactly how I thought it would (and thought it shouldn't).  Bright side, I liked the end.  Which was then marred by the faffing giant epilogue.  By which time I was huffing in disgust.  Fun.

Basically the story follows a boy (Dexter) and a girl (Emma) through 20 years of their lives, from graduation in 1988 to the present day, in this case 2008 obviously.  Along the way there's the usual jobs/relationships/general growing up themes, and of the course, since it's a story about a male and female, a will-they-wont-they angle.  I'll leave you to guess what happens...  If this helps, I threw out a few suggestions when Sean was reading it - they were all right.  This coming from someone who almost never spots a movie twist.
 So as we all know, in the movie the completely unlikeable main characters are played by Anne Hathaway (being reasonably well Yorkshire - although this coming from a Scot!) and Jim Sturgess (being a weird English/Australian hybrid).  Now I won't repeat my review of telling everyone at work it was a load of soppy nonsense, but seriously, if the book was bad, the movie was worse.  Luckily the author of the book wrote the screenplay, so there wasn't too many changes (a fave pastime of mine is raging about how faff movie adaptations usually are!), except for some reason it was made longer than 20 years and finished in 2011.  Eh, why?  Can find no reason for this.  

Since it goes through a time period of over 20 years however, there's a 'lovely', surprisingly authentic array of costumes - my fave thing about any movie!  Also when the years change, there's a different song playing each time - presumably from that year?  My favourite part was when Dexter was in a club dancing to Rhythm of the Night, good times!  Feel like it says a lot for a movie when the best part was a 10 second dance scene...

So, some good points about the movie:
Romola Garai was in it (first time I've seen her in a non period film!)
Matt Berry also popped up in one scene
The music...?
Oh, when it finally ended, by which time I was sprawled across the front row in despair (there are other plus points to seeing movies alone and before anyone else!)

Bad points:
Need I go on?

Ok, now it's your turn, tell me what you thought!  Or have I just put you all off?  Oops...



  1. Oh dear... It's nice to find somebody else who doesn't think this is the BEST BOOK EVER - it's a while since I read it, but I seem to recall enjoying a wee bit of 90s nostalgia and I don't think I hated the characters, but it's in my, "Probably going to donate to the charity shop" pile.

  2. Loving your movie/book review slot. I must admit ive not read the book but the film really isnt my cup of tea so will prob be a lazy sunday afternoon dvd affair when it reaches the shelves of blockbusters ;o) Scarlett x

  3. Oh I love this idea for posts! I never ever prefer the film haha! Haven't seen or read this one, but I saw something about her accent on Breakfast this monring and it's most definitely not Yorkshire! xx

  4. Ahh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who disliked the book!! Everyone I know raved about it... and I thought it stunk. Who wants to read about the lame lives of two - as you said - completely unlikeable characters? Well, perhaps I'll give the movie a miss:)

  5. PS. I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog! I'll be following!

  6. Great honest review. To be truthful it sounds totally unlike anything I'd choose to watch or read. I can't be doing with slush! x

  7. Oh thank god someone else thought the book was rubbish. I read it a few years ago on holiday and I was SO underwhelmed. I didn't like the characters, the plot is nothing I haven't read before and it was just dull. I have no wish whatsoever to waste my money seeing the film. Not even Romola Garai can tempt me.

  8. Oh shucks, am I going to be the only one who liked it?! OK, well in my defence, I haven't read the book and I weep whenever I see Edinburgh shot in a film (especially to sad music, God that always gets me!). But I did really like One Day anyway - loved the progression from the 80s to the present and felt genuinely comforted by the line that "no one knows what they're doing at age 25" (Hello, me!). Maybe I should go see it again and attempt to be a little more critical (read: weep some more). Good post Faff! :)

  9. I have that book, but still didn't read it.. I think I will start today maybe, so I can comment something smarter :)

  10. Ah, I'm glad you agree! I read it and was disappointed, but also a bit 'erm, what am I missing here? Everbody is raving about it?'
    I'm going to skip the film, the trailer said it all I'm afraid!
    Lovely blog btw, new discovery!


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