Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Books and birds...angry ones apparently...

Wow, I've been having the worst time getting anything to post - thinking a mixture of 'elderly' laptop and rubbish 3 dongle are not helpful...

Anyway, on Sunday I turned 26!  Was actually dreading it a bit - I don't feel mature enough to be a 26 year old!  Maybe it's about time I stopped reading children's books, wearing novelty socks and eating chocolate for breakfast (and lunch and dinner)?  Nah...  
As you can see, my friends & family know me very well (or have the ability to access my Amazon wish list...), so I got a great selection of books, enough to keep me going until Xmas I think!  My 2 close friends and I implemented a budget system this year, where we only spent £10 on gifts for each other - out of this I still got 5 books, loving it!  Thinking first on the list will be Bossypants though, so Julie Andrews book is getting ploughed thru at the mo!  Oh and in case you couldn't tell, Submarine is oneof my top movies this year - and I'm a bit in love with Danny Wallace's writing, he's freaking hilarious, can't read his books in public...
I don't even know the reason behind the Angry Bird, Sean just thought it was funny apparently!  Also the obligatory novelty socks from Mother, kinda loving these ones... ;)
Mother also always produces some random gift - this year it was mini sheep drawers and a sad looking wobbly frog (may have brought him to work to play with hehe)
Another pressie from Sean - he got me a wall map and a road map of the USA since we have a random plan to travel through all the states in a few years time.  We had great fun looking up funny place names on Sunday - one state seems to be full of towns named after Scottish surnames, I'm wondering if we once sailed over there, claimed a bunch of land and just named it after ourselves... 

I also have pics of us after a trip out to dinner and a movie on Saturday, shall hopefully share them tomorrow if Lappy decides to play nice...

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!



  1. Happy birthday!! I definitely don't feel old enough to be 28 so don't start worrying yet!

    I read Join Me and had an incredibly embarassing experience where I snorted out loud on a bus. It was so stinking funny though.

  2. Happy birthday! I love the sheep drawers, your mum did well xxx

  3. I'm 26 and don't feel more than 16. Happy belated birthday :) looks like some thoughtful presents. Love the sheep drawersd socks x an

  4. What's that saying? Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional? I certainly don't plan on stopping reading kids books, wearing silly socks and generally behaving like an idiot, no matter how old I get!

    Fab array of presents. I'm very pleased to see Clueless in there. What a fun film that is.

  5. Happy Birthday, my dear! I'll be 45 in a few months time and still don't feel grown up. It's all down to the person not the number on their birth certificate. x

  6. Happy Birthday! I'm 30 in six months' time! I don't normally bother too much about getting older but this seems a pretty seminal one :s If we're going to be philosphical, here's one: "We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing".

    I love looking at funny place names too! I could honestly look through atlases for hours (and sometimes do). Oh and must put Submarine on my LoveFilm list!


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