Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Date night! And an experiment...

Another night, another trip to the movies.  Last night was Horrible Bosses, which turned out to be better than expected, although if anyone's heading to the cinema on this Orange (rainy) Wednesday I'd definitely recommend Super 8 - what a movie!  The retroness, Spielbergness, monsterness and the EPIC TRAIN CRASH (!!!!!) make for a possible new candidate at the top of my Movie of the Year list.  This morning I watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes - what a contrast, incredibly slow and plodding, but watching Tom Felton's character get his comeuppance was rather satisfying... ;)

Anyway, back to last night.  I wore my date (only) trousers - not cause I forgot to epilate my legs of course, just cause I love my date trousers.  Totally...
M&S sweater - charity shop
Trousers - Topshop Tall
Vintage M&S shoes - charity shop
Coat - charity shop
Earrings - inherited from mum/gran

Can you see a pattern emerging here?  Feeling like all I write is charity shop, M&S or Topshop Tall for my clothing!  I totally do shop elsewhere, I just know where to go for clothing that fits!



  1. Those earings are lovely, may be a simple outfit but it looks great on you xxx

  2. your coat is stunning, love the colour and shape. The trailer for the Rise of the Planet of the Apes freaked me out, I feel a new phobia coming on!

  3. Isn't it awful that we're reduced to wearing coats in August? I can't cope with how cold it is at the moment!

    I really want to go and see Super 8. The apes film can be watched by other people though - the trailer didn't appeal to me one bit.

  4. I love the fit of those pants - so chic.

    And the color of your coat is just beautiful on you.

    I'm glad to hear both Horrible Bosses and Super 8 were good - they're both on my list to watch. I'm ambivalent about the Planet of the Apes though - I loved the old movies, but haven't liked any of the newer ones.

  5. I love those earrings! I've also had a cinema week - Super 8 was awesome, and tonight we saw Arrietty which was lovely and pretty.

  6. Ahhh Super 8 was Amazing! I'm recomending Super 8 to everyone! and Orange Wednesday was a nightmare. I hate blue creatures and specky wizards!!! aha x

  7. If the formula works why not?
    You look lovely. x

  8. I liked Super 8 and Horrible Bosses too! I haven't seen Planet of the Apes but I'm not really planning on it...James Franco as a scientist? I don't know if I could take that seriously enough to not laugh every time I see him in a lab coat.

  9. Loving the whole outfit! And your date trousers are just fantastic. I have slowly been incorporating more wide legged pants in my wardrobe for the Fall. And I will make Super 8 my next movie to see! xx

  10. Ha ha, I love the idea of date trousers! I loved Super 8 - saw it on Wednesday. It did reignite the feeling I get from time to time that I wish I'd grown up in the seventies...

  11. those earrings are so sweet! love your coat too :) xx

  12. I went to see Horrible Bosses, everyone I work with hyped it up SO MUCH that I was quite let down really. It was amusing, but not the most hilarious thing to happen to humankind. Ha I sound so mean!
    P.S. Thanks for commenting on my 'shoe help' post, I'd totally forgotten about M&S and found the perfect shoes in there for 25 quid, bargain!

  13. Love the trousers. I really like Horrible Bosses actually, didn't expect to as much as I did, I think it was the three lead characters.

    Your coat is gorgeous.

  14. Houuuuuu, très chic! This look is fab on you!

    I loved Super-8 too, got to see it in a small retro cinema in Maine earlier this Summer and it was perfect. I adores the cinematography (hello flares galore!).

    Have a lovely day dear!

    Virginie ♥

  15. georgeous coat!! you look great!!

  16. Such a cute look - those earrings are gorgeous and your coat is amazing, such a beautiful colour =)


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