Monday, 29 August 2011

A Faff Sunday...

Well, for yesterday being Sunday I was actually rather productive!
I got up around 8am and got dressed for the gym - I put on new deodorant and was quickly aware I smelled of something resembling cat pee.  So overcompensated with some No5 and all was well again.  Except now I have to remember to buy MORE deodorant...
 Got my gym essentials together and off I went - managed 5 miles on treadmill, my personal best.  I now have 2 leg injuries though so was doing a bit of pain distraction...

 My oven hasn't worked since I moved into my flat 2 months ago so the landlord installed a new one for me, v exciting for somehow who barely even turns on the hob...
 In case anyone's interested, this is partly why I don't cook very much - see the worktop space?  Nah me neither... ;)  I've also learned open plan kitchens mean I can't watch tv at the same time as using the washing machine, useful!
 Then it was time to pack a bag for staying at Sean's place.  I actually hate this part, I'm no good at advance outfit planning! 
 I got there in the end though, and even managed to dress myself - result!
Vintage M&S shirt - charity shop
Vest - H&M
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins Tall
Vintage Hobbs shoes - charity shop

 It's turned more cold here lately so I finally get to wear my birthday cardigan made for me by Mother, I'm rather madly in love with it, so cosy!

I also went a detour into work, ate bagels and grapes, went to see Cowboys and Aliens (tragic. Very. And loooong) and had an awesome B&J's waffle sundae.  Excellent day!

How was everyone's weekend?



  1. How lucky are you having such a clever mum?
    I hate packing with avengeance! We've got a festival at the weekend and I dread to think what I'm taking, I bet I'll still be dithering 10 mins before we leave. x

  2. I have trouble planning outfits in advance... love your vintage shoes :)

  3. Oh wow, I thought our kitchen was lacking in worksurface space! That is a teeny kitchen alright. But hey ho with the washing machine - putting it on overnight is cheaper anyway, isn't it?

  4. So even with the gorgeous Daniel Craig and the grizzled but hunky Harrison Ford you don't recommend Cowboys and Aliens then???!

    K xx

  5. Ew, I hate buying smelly deodorant. I had a nice enough weekend. Working, but also drinks with friends and a picnic at the beach. Love your loafers!!!

  6. Great outfit sweety... specially the loafers... they look amazing on you!!! :D

  7. Wow - 8am on a sunday? and that too for the gym? Hats off to you girl. Those jeans are wonderful on you - very flattering indeed! You look pretty as always xx


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