Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Madly in love...

...with these shoes!  I had some vouchers to spend so went a wee wander down town, and spotted these beauties in the window of one of my favourite charity shops.  Brand new M&S shoes in my size for a grand total of...£5!  Needless to say they were in my bag sharpish - after a quick glance at the £1 rail of course ;)

Now, I partly blame this book...
It was also found in a charity shop (funnily enough!), and after finishing it the other day I just wanted to raid my closet and start dressing elegantly!  Unfortunately, little things like work and weather seem to get in the way of my 'immaculate' grooming - plus the fact that it's no longer the 60s and therefore I'm allowed to wear trousers and go outside without a hat and gloves.  But I'm definitely in a state of longing for a quality, ladylike wardrobe at the mo, sigh....

Anyone else read this and had the same reaction as yours truly?!



  1. Ooh, great find!

    I've not read the book but, when I started working in an office, I had these grand fantasies of dressing in smart, elegant attire and somehow taming my hair. Needless to say, I've faltered somewhere along the way...

  2. Excellent shoes at a great price.
    Try and get hold of Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro if you can. It's about a woman who discovers your book in a charity shop and attempts to live by the rules, a great little read. x

  3. Fabulous shoes there, they look so 60s.

  4. Gosh that's quite a hefty tome - who knew being elegant was so involved! Certainly not I! That book Vix mentions sounds good too. Love the shoes - those buckles!!

  5. Beautiful shoes!

    Man I would love to be elegant but I just know I haven't got it in me. Definitely no patience!

  6. I would LOVE to read that book! So pretty too :)

    Those shoes are great, I totally understand your infatuation!

    Virginie’s Cinema ♥

  7. Ooh yes, I recommend the Kathleen Tessaro book too. I keep seeing it everywhere in charity shops so you should be able to find it easily enough.

    The shoes are wonderful, particularly those buckles.


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