Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Our 'bank holiday'...

Scotland didn't actually have a bank holiday yesterday, but Sean and I both happened to be off, a rare occurrence during the week!  So we took advantage and went off to the new Transport Museum - we did try to go when it just opened but accidently picked the first day of the school holidays, where we made it was far as the turn off and gave up due to crowds! (I'm not a fan of busy places, ruins my enjoyment I find...)

A couple of my friends had been during the summer and both complained it wasn't on par with the old site, but we had a great time - previously it was really just actual transport it focussed on (hence the name!) but now it has a wider variety of historical memorabilia, including a 'cinema' room, where they show a movie on a loop of local people talking about their memories of cinema from the war years and beyond, I was in my element!  May have made Sean sit through the whole 13 minutes... :)
 Got a bit excited when I spotted this, although I'm thinking it must be kind of awkward to use - anyone tried one?
Old cinema seats

If I'd been an usher 50 years ago I would have been very well dressed!

The best thing is you're now allowed to climb onto some of the old buses and trams, so of course posing was done ;P

According to the sign, most people in Glasgow wouldn't have been able to afford these afternoon tea dresses - I like to think I'd have owned one... In my dreams!

This brought back memories - my gran used to drive an identical ambulance in the 80s/90s and sometimes picked me up from school in it, which I loved.

The mum and children sat in the sidecar apparently - it was all lovingly kitted out with leather seats and sheepskin throws!

Inside the entrance

Another beautiful dress...  This one was a stunning floral lace up close, I fell hard!

Sean found this hilarious...  Boys!

Can you tell I liked the costumes best?!

Hope everyone else had a fab day off (or at work!)



  1. I went here at the beginning of my summer holidays and absolutely loved it! It was a rainy Saturday in the school holidays and absolutely packed. It's got some great things in it though and, yes, the costumes were my favourite too!

  2. You look gorgeous on board the bus! I love old vehicles almost as much as I love old clothes. That orange maxi dress is perfection and I'm well impressed with your grandma and her ambulance. was she an ambulance driver as a career or just a hippy? x

  3. Love the costumes (and the cinema seats, of course!).

  4. Oh i love all those dresses! I also have a feeling my hubby would have laughed muchly at the muff warmer ;o) Scarlett x

  5. It's one of my ambitions to go for a ride in a motorcycle sidecar but you never see them on the roads nowadays. Years ago you still saw them occasionally but it's only at vintage car shows you find them now. The museum looks brilliant though!

    K xx

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  7. Looks like a really fun museum! I've never seen one of those multi-person bikes (except in photograph) but I've always wanted to try one!!


  8. I can't get over the fact your Gran used to pick you up from school in an ambulance. That is amazing!


  9. Fnar, muff warmer! Clearly I am no more mature than Sean.

    Those costumes are so beautiful. Love the floral tea dress.

  10. Can see why you like the costumes, some of those dresses are lovely!
    Can't believe your gran picked you up from school in an ambulance, how cool! xxx

  11. Love these photos. That's amazing that your gran picked you up from school in an ambulance, I thought MY gran was cool on her moped!

    You totally have to make a smart usher's uniform your next sewing project ;) xx


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