Monday, 22 August 2011

Out and about...

...well for a brief moment anyway!  Around lunchtime I realised I had no food in the flat, so I did that thing where you just grab clothing you think goes together and ran out to M&S - the reasoning behind this was that I had to return something for Mother, plus Morrisons was like a whole 15 minute walk, pfft too far...
Vintage coat - charity shop
Skirt - charity shop
Shoes - Topshop
Scarf - charity shop

Pretty sure I've worn all these outfit components recently, so feel free to just enjoy them all mixed together differently, and pretend like I meant to have some kind of 'look' going on ;)

Hairband - H&M

Just realised how weirdly vein-y looking my feet are...must be all the running! (ha, yeah....)

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  1. pretty damn stylish for a quick trip to the shop - I'd probs be seen dashing out in my tracksuit and a tee (oops!). I've been having a wee nosey around your blog, and I LOVE it. It's wonderful, and I really enjoy the way you write! I'm following you now, look forward to lots more :) xx

  2. Hahah love the name of your blog. Love this, very regal!

    Helen, X

  3. Holy crackers, I wish I looked that good just throwing something on for a run to the store! You look fabulous and so put together.

    Also, I love your mannequin (which I feel like I spelled wrong. Oh, well).

  4. I have those shoes! :P

    I love the skirt & the scarf, I am sooo lazy when it comes to nipping to the shops, I end up looking like a Jeremy Kyle reject.... =/

  5. I think these clothes work perfectly together, like a cool 50's woman 'nipping' to the shops

  6. I do love that coat. Is it jersey? x

  7. Gorgeous! I can't believe you got that coat secondhand - who would throw that away?!

  8. you look so stylish! I adore your coat x

  9. absolutely love your vintage coat, and your headband is so cute xxx

  10. You look so elegant!! I love the matching teals!

  11. i love your skrit it matches perfectly with your coat :)


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