Monday, 22 August 2011

Tell me!

I was thinking about having a mini blog revamp and maybe introducing some other fun stuff into the works,  and I thought I'd ask all you lovely people out there if you had any thoughts on what you'd like me to cover?  After all, you're the ones who read all the rambling!  (I'm just practising my typing and photography... ;) )

So get your thinking caps on and please leave me some notes, then hold your breath and wait to see what appears!  



  1. oooh will put on thinking cap altough i think you blog is pretty damn perfect - love your posts :o) Scarlett x

  2. I love your blog posts as it is, you're such a lovely, smiley chick to visit! x

  3. I would love to see a video of you, I love putting an actual voice to a typed blog!
    Oh pictures of any creative projects you are doing.
    I sound pushy now!
    I'm still trying to find time to give my blog its makeover/facelift.

  4. Film. More films. I only watched Submarine after you harped on about it on here (bloody loved it), and your other reviews seem to be spot on, so as an avid film watcher, more film. Oh, and did I mention I'd like to see more film reviews? And more foof... after all, the visible universe is only 4% faff and 96% foof #fact

  5. i love your blog, elise!
    i really like your outfit photos, and your film reviews - more of this is good as far as i'm concerned :) xx

  6. Yours is one of my faves as it is, but I'd love to see examples of your knitting - you always mention doing it but I don't remember any 'ta-dah' moments as such..? xx


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