Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tights and productive procrastination....

Well, I'm back in tights!  Or rather I was yesterday.  Actually by the time I was having dinner they had a ladder in them - me and non opaque tights are not a good team...
Cardi - M&S mens
Next dress - charity shop
Converse - gift
One's hair does not co-operate with the wind...

 So as I may have mentioned, I'm a champion procrastinator - I came to Mother's with the intention of catching up on some sewing but am really not feeling it at the moment.  Instead I thought I'd do something nice and sort out her under-stairs cupboard, which is choc full of wool, as it turned out...
Yup, we're both champion knitters!  And Mother loves buying wool.... Not ideal...  Some of it had clearly been around for a while though - found a Littlewoods receipt from 1997!  The year I left primary school, ahhh...  Anyway, an hour or so later it was all nicely stashed and ordered back in the cupboard - categorised into white wool, Aran, textured, boring colours and fun colours.  Yeah my system maybe needs work...  All in all, a productive day, if not exactly according to the plan.  Also downloaded some new tunes, so had a bath-dance-along to 'Moves like Jagger' and 'The Edge of Glory', good times!



  1. Look at all that wool!! A-MAZING! Cute outfit, love the tights. I always get ladders in my tights - they just seem to find me. Scarlett x

  2. I listened to swagger jagger for the first time ever today. It wasn't actually as bad as I thought it'd be : /

    and my oh my that's a lot of wool

  3. Those tights are adorable, I also have a terrible tight laddering problem so I cam sympathize! Also thanks for the lovely comment on my Wednesday Wonderfuls, I also have a friend in the Germany Rocky Horror, small world :) and I also LOVE I Capture the Castle, gorgeous book, gorgeous film :)

  4. My mum used to have a cupboard like that - she only sorted it out because she was leaving the country... and now she's back she seems to be creating a new one. Not that my own crafty stuff is MUCH more organised - I have a suitcase of "bits of fabric big enough for clothes" and a box of "bits of fabric not big enough for clothes".

    Love your dress!

  5. Wow that is a lot of wool!

    Love your Converse - that burgundy/wine colour is gorgeous :)

  6. I am a libility in tights. Love the stash of wool you found!

  7. Cutest tights ever. And love the color of your shoes


    happy knitting ;)

  8. Love the tights with the converse! Great outfit and MY that is a lot of wool!! x

  9. Love that outfit the tights are fab and haha at that wool! That is a whole lot of wool.

  10. Wowzers all that wool! Argh I feel old though - I left secondary school in 1998 and there I was kidding myself we're close in age! (Please tell me the Scottish school system is different!)

  11. OMG SO MUCH WOOL! i would be so happy and roll around in it ^^ but ssince it isnt mine i would probrably be a little bit creepy ^^; I hope you find something to do with the wool or that your mum does :3


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