Friday, 19 August 2011

Update and the entry of Autumn...

Ok I've been MIA a bit... I was going through a phase where I just couldn't be fussed with the whole turn on laptop/wait to see if it decides to work/spending an hour editing and uploading pictures/go through freezing and crashing process at least once/a few hours later you may have something worth blogging about/then again, you may not, so ignore Lappy in favour of reading many books and drinking much tea to try and get rid of the cold that's now been hanging around for 3 weeks...  Ah its a hard life round my way!

In actual fact I've not really been up to much anyway - reading books and working really has taken priority in the past week!  Sean and I did manage to get to the Fringe Festival on Sunday though - saw a few free shows and generally wandered about Edinburgh pretending we knew what we were doing.  Oh and in a fit of motivation/confidence/stupidity, I entered the Great Scottish Run (10K version only!).  Its happening in just over 2 weeks, and I've been running with a cold and damaged knee.  Yeah gonna go with 'stupidity'...

I'm gonna just do a wee outfit post here and hopefully get some more interesting post sorted out for next week.  It's officially Autumn now according to one of my friends - cue me breathing a sigh of relief that it's now acceptable for me to wear at least thin tights again!  Didn't stop me buying a rather cute and versatile summer blouse in the M&S sale the other day...
Down to £5 tho, couldn't say no to a white blouse that actually fits AND is within my price range!

Cardigan - M&S mens
Blouse - M&S
Belt - charity shop
Skirt - charity shop
Shoes - New Look
Mother asked why I had my Fall wardrobe out already.  I pointed out that I'm actually tightless and wearing a summer blouse, so I'm not really THAT pessimistic!

Pearl necklace - inherited from Mother

Had a couple of New Look credit vouchers to spend, so on Saturday Sean went to the football and I went into town.  Here I learned an important lesson - don't go shopping in Glasgow on a Saturday afternoon unless you want to end up only visiting about 3 shops and going home in the huff over how bloody busy everywhere is.  Been years since I went shopping on a Saturday, I was not prepared!  Did manage to snag these shoes before I lost it though!

Here's one of my latest bargains, an M&S wrap found for £2.50 in a poky little charity shop in the scummy town I have to drive through to get to Mothers.  Also found a MaxMara wool suit for......wait for it.....£4!!!  It's currently in my to-alter pile, too short sleeves and legs is not a good look...

Anyone else delighted to kiss summer goodbye?



  1. Oooh would love to look in the scummy town CS - they are bargains! Cute outfit and the white blouse is a great piece, can go with anything.

    Good luck with the run in a couple of weeks!

    Scarlett x

  2. You've done well with those buys, especially a wool suit for £4.

    Good luck with the training and I hope you'll do a post about the run.

    P.S. I take it that you're not doing it in fancy dress?!

  3. Nooooo! I adore the summer and hate, hate, hate autumn and winter with a passion - tights, no car boot sales, the end of the festival season, utterly vile!
    Great bargains and that blouse is a real investment piece!
    Good luk with the training. x

  4. I haven't gone a week without wearing tights this year - summer just has not happened in Aberdeen! I'll be glad when it's officially autumn and I can stop having to resent that chill in the air!

  5. i adore this outfit, your skirt and plum cardigan look great together. xx

  6. Loving the Librarian Chic here. Mental note to look in M&S Men's!


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